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  1. My favorite class is : Yul /Ghost Sentinel/ Elf Nick : xKraven Server : Chronos
  2. I'm not sure if it's only on my account but I'm having issues augmenting my weapon. Everything works fine up until I click the augment button. It disarms you, as it should but no(new) augment takes place. Please look into this issues. Sorry for my bad grammar and punctuation
  3. Hi, I would like to make a suggestion on bring back the Weapon Appearance Modification scroll. I understand that in the past, there was an issue with lag regarding the scrolls but with all the updates, I think this problem can be easily fix and they're super cool to have! Please take this into consideration with future updates.
  4. When/If the NCsoft Subscription Service kicks in, do you think you could out a 30 day free trial to all active players?
  5. The Clan OurDeadlySins a level 5 clan is currently recruiting new players. My ign: xKraven is the only member at the moment but is looking to recruit enough players to raids! If interested, mail me ig. Thank you!
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