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  1. yea im having major issues as well, and my internet is high grade...spent 500$ on XP crap for the event and got to use maybe half of it due to my character DC'ing for other people to log in >< i go back and theres 200+ people on wait list. Everyone says we dont need a new server because its only happening for the XP event...but there shouldnt be an XP event if the server isnt suitable for playing on max capacity... Its a waste of everyones time and money if they decided to invest in this event, so maybe an upgrade is needed ^^
  2. This xp event has had me DC'ing and on waiting lists all this last week...whats the point of events if they dont make the server suitable for playing on...SMH ><spent over 500$ on XP crap i didnt even get to use half of it because i DC every day all day, to log in and wait past 300 more people.
  3. NejJim i am wondering if the thousands spent on L2 will get me and whoever else - a coupon to redeem on remastered. Unless ofcourse they let us keep our items and remaster Lineage 2 itself that would be much more of a releif lol.
  4. Watch your buffs while you fight mobs. It will pop up - similar to elmore cloak with the pve buff. Comes and goes for a few seconds at a time
  5. Has to do with the overload of people online right now because of the xp event
  6. i agree with Draecke - I have a character on naia and the economy / community both seem dead in comparison to chronos, better to merge the 2 and save all of our problems. More activity throughout the server as well as progression, making new friends and enemies. Sounds about Lineage to me ^^ XD
  7. Ive been trying to beat this Queue since i woke up this morning. I can normally stay logged more than 2+ days at a time easy i never DC and never have issues - all the sudden XP event comes // 1094872837 alts log in // i cant stay on for more than half the day without DC'ing (IN ACTIVE COMBAT NOT AFK) then logging to 300+ people waiting along side me. YES ofcourse when this XP event is over all of this chaos will "stop", but what have i aquired the past week+ besides - daily frustration, Half XP, and lost $$$ i spent on Event items and XP buffs thats will be near pointless to use
  8. -Imagine a place similar to the Coliseum, but theres an NPC there. When you click the NPC it brings up a bar where you type in the selected player you wish to dual for adena. - When you hit enter on their name it sends a request to them asking if they wish to proceed, assuming they choose 'yes' - both players then type in their selected amount of adena. -Once selected both players will teleport to an empty zone much like a private Oly setup and go best out of 3 rounds. -After the fight - 1/4 of the losers money will go to the NPC and L2 can recirculate it back into the server,
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