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  1. Hee guys, so I decided to lvl up a kamael trooper but I am using the moonset+duel wield swords, so this mean I cannot use any abilities. Does anyone know where I can buy a decent Ancient sword? Thanks in advance
  2. I am sorry if I am getting annoying and it is no my intention to troll or make someone upset, but I really have to ask. I am leveling through the auto-hunt @ants right now. (level 36) I basically can go afk for the whole day and level up without being behind my pc. I just buy enough potions and it is impossible to die. Now I wonder if I can do this until level 80 hopping to different zones when I level up and just go afk. If its possible, then why do people want this? I am very curious. I just want to know why this is so fun for the majority and perhaps I can see why I was wrong. Th
  3. hmmm.. I dunnoo.. Id rather play on an illegal server then with a real classic experience. this is basically a botting game.
  4. But can you basically afk to level 80? I kinda dislike that:( (not with the bot) I mean with the auto hunting thing
  5. I can actually legally bot myself with the auto hunt feature... like wtf? does this work till level 80?
  6. So I just figured out I can put my char on auto hunting while he uses potions on auto aswell.. this means I can just let my computer grind for me. Why is this in the game? Is it only possible on the lower levels or literally from 1 till 80?
  7. Hi guys, I am level 24 and notice there is only one soulshot type. I buy my soulshots at the grocery (very expensive btw) Is there any other place that I don't know about where I can buy soulshots or new armor/weapons? Id like to know and thanks in advance!
  8. I am level 21 and I cant level up like this!!!!!!
  9. Hmmm. I was always being told how hardcore it was. Crafting your own armor, that it took a long time to level up etc. I am now getting armor sets for free after a quest and a lot of XP. I don't think it should be like this. Hope anyone could answer my questions
  10. Hello guys, I am playing lineage 2 for the first time after like 14-15 years. I never played the original one, but always on pvt servers back then. My question is is this really lineage 2 classic? Because I just leveld up from level 5 to level 15 after one quest. I don't believe it should be like this. Am I missing something? Is there elsewhere where I can play the real l2 classic? Thanks in advance!
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