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  1. We want Lineage2 to become the game it used to be without asking for big changes. Force the use of party I am main support and its hard to find party because every damage dealer has their own support in their party (with terrible gear because they are boxes toons) . I think this new update needs to make all classes equally important. To me, the solution to this problem is: Dual box should be forbidden, again. Stop giving 1 hour buffs in events or purchase. Every player in siege doesnt use ISS buffs because of that Eliminate selfbuffing Eliminate vampiri
  2. Hello, I think its a bug. Right now my character kicdo has: Fantasy Harmony lvl2 -> 20% decrease cooldown Daring song -> 10% decrease cooldown Paulina's necklace -> 10% decrease cooldown Eternal Leather Armor +8 -> 10% decrease cooldown Eva's rune -> 20% decrease cooldown So in total I should be having 70% cooldown decrease. Then... why my battle rhapsody cooldown is 4 minutes 30 seconds when It should be 3 minutes?. PS: my class is sword muse ISS.
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