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  1. Its been discussed time and again dont see why we need another topic on this. Those who bot/RMT love it, those who don't hate it.
  2. Holy shit some people get jealous AF.
  3. I'd take OP's idea any day over cloaks and crap that they sell in other regions.
  4. @HimeFirst of all reatly appreciate the reply. Ticket #22922065 And a question if i may that other might also have. Since it'll be a lot of work to report a single bot each time through ticket, can we report a bunch of them in a single ticket? Including any vids/SS we got as proof of course.
  5. @Hime Any news regarding spoil and bots running rampant? (There are bots that we report for weeks now and no action is taken.)
  6. They probably mean that they ban was deserved and was not an accident.
  7. The whole point of classic is to get rid of such crap.
  8. Nice PR speech and all. There are bots that we have reported over 2 weeks ago in Giran, are lvl 50+ now, still botting and have not yet been banned.
  9. Oh my! How dare they ban botters that are part of your CP?! Have they lost their minds at NC? I mean whats next? Banning adena sellers that are in a clan?!
  10. I would pay up to 20$ - month for a sub based server with no CS. Its not i dislike cosmetics but we all know damn well they will just not stop there. They will add a bit of XP bonus on this costume, a bit of SP on this one, maybe a bit of extra matk on a wizard costume etc etc.
  11. NC bans are false. Valve bans are false. Blizzard bans are false. Apparently every single company/anti-cheat bans for no reason according to botters/cheaters. Just autoban their alts/forum acc's also
  12. @Hime @Juji Just a question that i got after reading it again and again and discussing it with my clanies. Does that mean that all the areas will get boosted but these especially will get double the boost or these are the only areas that will get a boost no matter how big or small.
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