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  1. There are 3 more parts from the previous siege in Chronos...(Got some problems rendering) Stay tuned for more...!!! Enjoy
  2. MorningStar vs Chronos

    Apparently you are the most dumb person here
  3. Latest Renocarpets

    More lies please!!!!
  4. MorningStar vs Chronos

    I do Not cause those nabs are not the old nova boters who quit cause bots stop working like "supercarpetrad, "flashed The ultra boter and martalex. Those guys don't know how to play with their fingers thats why they quit and the remainings are just nabs who don' know the past
  5. MorningStar vs Chronos and Freya

    I'l be on in 10hours from now and will be of for snowflakes...hope to found you too try to catch up my time. Although princess got asked to 7vs7 yesterday and he said I'm not talking to you lel....am act of chickens nova
  6. MorningStar vs Chronos and Freya

    Hey you fur ball! Well I had things to do previous months....from now on you will find me in blackbird w8ing for you and pr1ncess77 cp and their bold friend(rangerz) everyday I'll be there to frap you
  7. MorningStar vs Chronos and Freya

    Desperate video
  8. 7 vs 7 Nova MS killling in one Fooz

    You talk about your clans archers or mine? Cause if you put it this way you guys turn any noob who have in your clan to mage. Not to mention that the most geared feoh "peppinio" needs to buy fingers instead of trying to make his caster stage 3. In my clan theres is only zureil and a couple more capable feohs, so yeah nab we woop you even with 2-3 mages who benefit the mp regen....
  9. 7 vs 7 Nova MS killling in one Fooz

    I do play noob, I am just not wasting my time trying to find you attacking exp groups and being proud of crps that goes up from PVP. Bro you lose every PVP ok you won 2-3 but we wipe your noob groups everytime. Ahahaha dodge? We were there before siege ends previous Sunday and princess said "I want to go to sleep" are we the one who dodge? Btw it's ok keep banking exp groups and claim yourself you win. 1last thing snowflake! Do you even remember how a Dragon looks like? I bet you don't since you have to enter more than 2 months and lose every attempt trying to pass through my clan
  10. 7 vs 7 Nova MS killling in one Fooz

    Fooz noob you rush in goddard and got wiped we rush in aden and we got wiped....its this mp regen bro that all those attempts we made to take aden got failed. Live with that and w8 until the day this shitty thing gone
  11. 7 vs 7 Nova MS killling in one Fooz

    I said it once and ill say it again im sorry to everyone that i didn't took screen shot with you begging me not to bring truffle with me but you brought the noob peppinio and you couldn' finish the fight, ofc you know that I will fulfil your wish and with truffle we will finish the fight pretty fast and will not run to town like you did...whats this video honestly? Where is the end of the fight? You didn't record the end of it? Because you humiliate yourself? Poor little princess! Keep saying that propaganda I have the end of that fight and you got peppinio not be able to finish the fight, that poor damage noob even with dw cant kill anything!
  12. 7 vs 7 Nova MS killling in one Fooz

    Oh and my princess tell me if this time I can get truffle with me....i hope you won't denied to me this time like you did when you brought peppinio and yet run to town screaming(I cant forget the time you couldn' finish a PVP with Dragon weapon ahahahahah idiots)... kisses ultra noobs
  13. 7 vs 7 Nova MS killling in one Fooz

    It' funny to see nova saying "I'm shouting for you" perhaps shout "xSpaWn come and humiliate me again upload my nab cp in youtube kissing the floor within 10mnts". I learn for you that you are masters staying in clan hall all day and show up only with peppinio and if you see truffle you cry like little girls..btch please
  14. 7 vs 7 Nova MS killling in one Fooz

    Princess still believes in Santa.... btw any time get your cp and come face mine. Youtube community need more from you kissing the floor
  15. No Maintenance: December 20 & December 27

    So hime you are saying that everything is working fine in this game??? Or you will say again that dev team is on vacations??? Let's see for how long I will be w8ing for my answer, 2 weeks already gone since my last ticket....LETS SEE