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  1. Aden Is open for selfies

    dude pull yourself together we never wanted to have Rune...why the hell you think we were atking aden even when we own Rune? stupid kid
  2. Aden Is open for selfies

    we drop rune many times, and many times more we didn't have castle and we were attacking aden constantly...what you think nova will do now that they have Rune? If we don't try to Rune from them they will simply stay at behind RUnes doors like they used to do with aden...MS owned all the castles and nova were hiding to their mp regen zone
  3. Chronos Drama Thread

    No need to worry nova. Either way "pippi ou" is the worst & most coward feoh in the game, along with his noob healer pr-1ncess77 who has "party recall" on f1! Rip nova and max go and hold hands by owning low tier castles. As for nova it's a matter of time for us to claim back Rune
  4. Aden Is open for selfies

    But.....do they have Aden????
  5. Aden Is open for selfies

    Ok when pippi ou was in nova, deaths were +500 so, what it is nova without pipi ou...? Even more noobs lmao

    Really now piratas???
  7. Chronos Drama Thread

    hahaha and I laugh hard now that when pipi NOOB made his dragon weapon stage 3 rangerz was screaming all time that he made the great deal to get the claws...otherwise this weapon wouldn't have been made lol.....gratz nova for trusting these guys
  8. Nova nova nova RIP RIP RIP

    both max and nova are a bunch of coward people.....
  9. Nova nova nova RIP RIP RIP

    foundazn rammenaddict elldorith freak are cos left? its not my fault that kingscoobz and pope pretended afk.....keep your tears up I love it...hope you enjoy the wipe out though
  10. Heroes, August 2018

    No wonder why pr-1ncess77 is not hero...in chronos he use to lose hero to MS alt toons! What a joke player!
  11. Want to buy Castle

    Not sure yet if you still crying from sunday night, or if you're just taking short breaks....
  12. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 25, 2018

    Maybe the success rate changed to better but they don't say anything about it.
  13. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS

    When you cry, you can scream you know, let your emotions fly and take your pain away....
  14. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS

    Don't cry that much, as a clan you are pathetic. You guys gave up the fight from the time we wipe you in front of the gates. @Fooz was fishing and watching the fall of Aden from crystals pope was crying in hero chat saying the same bs as you now. For many years you were outnumbering us and we were keep coming to fight again and again because its a game and we want to play and have fun. What you did when you lost rune in Dimensional siege? I never seen you at D'S after you lost it. We never said as a clan that we won't take part in any kind of siege like you done multiple times. How more are you going to humiliate yourself? Please go cry with snowflake
  15. 7v7 - MS vs Nova - Stage 3 Fist

    Cry more trash
  16. 7v7 - MS vs Nova - Stage 3 Fist

    @Fooz not even started the pvp and you are already moping the floor snowflake?
  17. 7v7 - MS vs Nova - Stage 3 Fist

    whos pepe anyway? there is only pipi OU and pipi NOOB in chronos and hes the most useless player in l2 history...along with his dogs pr-1ncess77 hunter13 and rangerz!
  18. Snowflake your clan is the best GRATZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    Enjoy one small wipe out of nova clan
  20. Exposing the little xspawn aka spaounaaaaakos

    he is so clueless about video edit...he cant play healer properly he cant edit videos, HOW MANY MORE FAILS THIS little pr-1ncess77
  21. Freya-to-Naia Server Merge Guide

    where is @mixa little baby tears? so sad that GC is over for you with this merge...
  22. MERGE 2.0 (Naia vs Freya)

    I will make a toon to naia and be 24/7 in gainaks and dragon just to see how the failureCON CP will keep its promises according to their nOOB videos
  23. Molensa Jet Lee :))

    Yeah molensa show those noobs who's the boss yeaaaaaahhhh molensa ftw