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  1. "Fooz is lf Martel" desperatly

    Lmao how ironic...
  2. "Fooz is lf Martel" desperatly

    what s the matter Snowflake you cant compete on your own!?
  3. Be a MAN (The Tale of Renovatio farming Dragons)

    i agree, MS got the dragon, so pathetic....
  4. Be a MAN (The Tale of Renovatio farming Dragons)

    THe farm story with elpys continues
  5. Be a MAN (The Tale of Renovatio farming Dragons)

  6. Be a MAN (The Tale of Renovatio farming Dragons)

    Gratz Nova for Dragon and your ultra high reflexes
  7. 6 Dragon Weapon Clan FAIL HARD !!

    @Fooz at this video you are more corpse than any time before
  8. Valakas dagger stage 2 POV

    You ask for it... Enjoy
  9. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    That was the greatest humiliation in novas history... 6 Dragon weapons against 2 who ever have enough brain to understand the difference on that will see that novas are nothing but a failure clan. Not to mention that they cant hold their tongues as before siege they were trying to scare MS that they will be destroyed! Ahahaha what a joke clan they weren't able even to pass the bridge as rown was w8ing to 1shot peppinio and lllllllll...stay toon on my youtube channel and in forums for my video. I will show you all the attempts that nova made to rune. @Fooz yet again will be our carpet star peppinio the 2nd carpet star and pr-1ncess77 the master PR
  10. IM not saying you didn't do well, just thats all you can do...I wouldn't be proud
  11. I'm tired watching videos from a person whos only attacking exp groups
  12. Truffle vs llllll - 1vs1

  13. Crazy PvP With New Nova!!!

    TRUFFLE broke the game are you serious? What have you say about peppinio and all other novas mages while they are inside aden mp regen zone having all MS hitting them and they can not die!? While being outside of mp regen they die within seconds!? You should be lf some others to blame bro and not the players who are playing the game
  14. Crazy PvP With New Nova!!!

    I told you VN-0-damage has a surprise for us.....you didn't believe me
  15. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    The most sure thing is that they are nova dogs-lovers
  16. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    You guys are fun. Popcorn is ready now I need to connect hdmi from my graphics card to the TV sit on my couch, and set. Why you stoooooooooop keep the show uuuuup tell me more secrets about lol Dragon weapons truffle and maYn and zureil oh I would like to know about Diego too and evey..............
  17. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    W8 w8 don't stop please say more stories that just came up to your mind, I'm going to grab my popcorn and brb in 5mnts
  18. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    You do know lio you are trying to expose him! Dear God you are such a nice person! If am I know Lio I'll let you answer to that...yoy guys both you and mod are novas don't try with fake names to prove something here nabs it's not working, by your actions looks like nova are back as super trashers
  19. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Looks like you know lio
  20. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    You are here trying to expose MS with lies, but that's not going to work sister! You do remind me rangerz he is trying to do the same thing in game but fails every time. Sister I checked your posts it' all against MS wtf??? You are nothing but another failer trying to prove what? That knows? Yeah right. You post about the racist comments from jager but you never post life threatening comments from rangerz(Which all leads to be you or someone who has crush with him lol) family insults and more. So do me a favour and shut your crap
  21. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Ofc if the "xSpaWns cp will join nova" came from lio its a lie yes and stupid enough the one who believed it