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  1. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Omg don't tell me that your the same idiot "rangerz" or "pr-1ncess77" or some othe gosu retarded 30 yo 《grown ups》hahaha I remember once I said in world shout their age and people pming me "lol I thought by rangerz saying that he is 10yo, or "dont mind the little kids spawn they doing it due to their age, I have to admit I was laughing for hours. Btw you retarded dumb yes I admit that lio talks with mayn but I don't have any clue of what they talk about and I don't care. The only lier here must be maYn or they one that wants to crest propaganda by telling you his conversations with lio and the full of lies lol.
  2. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Ahahahaha you are sick as f**** bro. My cp was about to join nova without me? Ahhahahahahahahaha, why clueless guys are coming to forum to spam nonsense I can't get it?! 1st of you are trash hiding behind a random name in forums. 2nd Lio playing his game even if this is diplomacy or lineage 2. If maYn is stupid enough to believe a single word from lio is his fault not mine. 3rd of all my cp would rather quit than join nova so. 4th the thing you said about kept my cp the non-stop Dragon farm? NO the non stop Nova wipe out from my cp kept me from joining nova. But dude what am I doing I'm wasting time talking to a random nova lover Who s thinks that knows anything. I'm done
  3. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Gratz fooz for novas one and only hero
  4. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Ofc, like you don' care about the dragons too right? The grapes are sour, sadly for you mate....keep lies up but videos are on the internet and proves a lot
  5. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Maths problem poopzy? War was -2550 and you manage to take +70. Come figure out, we had a bad Sunday but history shows that we knock you the f* out in every siege making more that 200-300 crps you manage to get only 70? What an accomplishment
  6. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    i expected nothing more than this rekt noob
  7. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    you are trash another excuse from nova side! they don't care about dime siege hmm but they were defending it before they lose it and yet they tried several times to cast another castle but you got toasted from MS you jokes
  8. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    you shut your mouth random, you re nothing but hiding behind mp regen zone, if you want to talk about strategy etc then why we succeed to take rune to dimensional server?
  9. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    then why nova don't even think of trying to enter the dragons?
  10. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    1st of all are you playing the game? if yes, have you ever enter the mp regeneration zone and tried to kill your opponent feoh?
  11. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    all you nova lovers have you ever thought why your beloved clan doesn't want to show up in dragon to prevent MS from entering?
  12. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Its on novas rule not to exp while in NOVA clan...if they want to exp they all detag and go to Netflix. So you find wars nowhere, on the contrary they have blackpoopz and kingnoobz that they gang exp groups and they brag about how good they are, while in every real fight they are perma carpets like their master fooz
  13. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Aden with mp regeneration? Nah we will try again after it's gone for good nabs. Just look at the dimensional server how nova lost easily rune, so bi***hs please
  14. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Rune isn't a small castle in dimensional server you noob trash but we have it.... what you say now?
  15. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Novas like, we are happy that we have Aden castle in our server but we have nothing in the dimensional, we are happy that we can defend a buged castle while in dimensional siege we lost rune in 10minutes, we are happy as MS are porting free to Dragon we are at our clan hall watching from alt toons, we are happy as VNdragon humiliates nova reputation(what reputation, but f*** it let's say for example)having shop out of MS clan hall while they r porting to dragons without any resistance! We are happy that we gang MS xp groups trying to raise clan war and in every siege MS reduce it -400 and more, we are happy that in order to pvp we are down on our knees begging people who have lv 6 gems to trade us so that we can have 7brooch br. We are happy that if we see truffle in MS party we find excuses to cancel the fight like "we killed your xp groups so we are fine, (aka pr-1ncess77) "we work tomorrow,(But pr-1ncess77 wakes up to lose hero in oly lol)........ We accept the embarrassment not being able to cast Aden but I'm glad we are nothing like you guys
  16. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 25, 2018

    good you notice that...I'm w8ing for an answer too
  17. Solo Siege Farm

  18. Dimensional Siege 4-22-18

    Be happy but don't brag about it so much like you achieve something great...and small son just to know, on dime server before we took rune all those months we were fight alone against NOVA and when we were pushing them hard enough to take Rune they were calling their dogs to help them...but after a co-operation with DH (sound fare to me) as MAX were busy fighting to take Aden back and they weren't able to help NOVA, we finally took it a straight clan vs clan fight and NOVA ended as homeless trashes
  19. Dimensional Siege 4-22-18

    Aden is on nova hands as long as the MP regen "EPIC" zone is up for them, after that Aden will be taken within minutes...Just want you to make sure that being happy that you didn't lost your castle is temporary but don't brag about that LUCKNESS of yours...
  20. Dimensional Siege 4-22-18

    Trust me if we are to take a castle and be able to cast we will do it bro no matter what....having some alt toons low in lvl and no gear doesn't mean we fail bro, but if you put it this way next siege get ready for some nice gear and lvl toons
  21. Dimensional Siege 4-22-18

    0xa0xa0x0ax0a are you serious now bro? wtf!
  22. Make the stage 3 first then Quit

    translation: ->lPeppinio_15: you have to make stage 3 ->lPeppinio_15:quit I guess
  23. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    Oh yes you died you blind nab sht check again