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  1. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    fooz lost evisc hero lvl up new toon to fail hero again...he is a carpet in every siege and pvp...he has never seen a dragon after zakens merge...HE IS WINNIIIIIIIIIIIING!
  2. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    So true...
  3. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    You are so wrong dude just shut up....
  4. Poor Spaouuuuuunakos or Poor princeouuuuuuakos?

    It is simple, it's because if they get their cp raven and rown can wipe them solo without supports....
  5. Poor Spaouuuuuunakos or Poor princeouuuuuuakos?

    lmao....I would say we are not afraid to pvp without that bugged evi toon...9/10 times nova fight with peperoni!!! cry more
  6. Poor Spaouuuuuunakos or Poor princeouuuuuuakos?

    ofc lol I'm not dustpag Mr. 10mnts INTRO
  7. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    and ofc your quote is everything to me to prove you that once again you have no guts to admit that you guys are the biggest trash ever...you don't answer me if you will show up at dime siege, neither when I asked your bold girlfriend to tell me if you will guys ever going to come to dragons? enter chicken mode pr-1ncess77
  8. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    why are you talking about caves to me, while I'm not afraid to leave my clan hall even with a mediocre party to pvp and wipe your ass while you have to search for 7brooch br to have some fun?
  9. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    calm your tits my pr-1ncess77 there dimensional siege as well having NO mp regen...hope Nova will show up and don't enter your chicken mode like the previous dime siege... BTW we got farm you the fck out at this siege +450+++++ in 2hours. I wouldn't talk if I were you but yet you are coming to forums to say what? that MS are fail xaxaxaxa DIMENSIONAL SIEGE IS COMING we will see who is fail you trash
  10. Welcome to Chronos VNCARPET

    the question should be....Will MAX accept to follow novas 3 important clan rules? rule no1: if you want to farm enter Netflix(same thing goes for fooz and many others) rule no2: instant pr on wartag even if its 1 person rule no3: make 7brooch br parties to go pvp other than that enter the chicken mode(like pr-1ncess77)
  11. A Horror Movie....

  12. Friday afternoon PVP w/ arturious & divekio

    If that's the excuse to yourself for being perma to the ground keep it up, it' fine by me
  13. Friday afternoon PVP w/ arturious & divekio

    I bet he doesn't know even how to use Google translator...
  14. Friday afternoon PVP w/ arturious & divekio

    He is a guy actually who fails in everything....he had eviscerator perma no hero now he lvl up an archer going the same way he is perma dead at sieges but he can kill exp groups with a fixed party with lvl6 jewels and brag about that.....thatz who he is
  15. Friday afternoon PVP w/ arturious & divekio

    I don't get it fooz thinks he is good at 7vs7 or when ganking people etc but why in siege is perma on the floor? Are you in love with the floor fooz?
  16. Friday afternoon PVP w/ arturious & divekio

    TRUFFLE you have to admit at least that they start coming out...imagine what will happen if they start aloud their members to go for exp!
  17. Friday afternoon PVP w/ arturious & divekio

    That kind of parties have orders to instant pr, they are not aloud to even try to fight oh and most of the times you will see that kind of parties in netflix or untaged...some clan ha?
  18. A Horror Movie....

    its the reason that nova brag about they are the 1st clan in Chronos, how about that?
  19. A Horror Movie....

    oh yeah
  20. A Horror Movie....

    for me actually I want to have a fare and square fight to take aden...when MP regen gone we will be there! Don't you think that would be fare guys?