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  1. @Juji @Hime and you can see by reading the false accusations that bare zero proof and by checking Who are actually the ones complaining about saying “exploiting a bugged terrain area is a banable offense” (duh) who are the ones abusing the game mechanics while at the same time accusing others for doing so. It’s like telling ppl “don’t rob a bank, you ll end up in prison” and they complain because they found a way to “legitly” enter the bank and take out money without being seen by security. You seriously can’t be dumber than this. Good luck with that mess. Now I my little crybabies. Attack me here and in game hahahah

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  2. QQtor solo farmed your clan at DS...u sleep because you scared to come and face our force! I'm agree that you might have life but for sure you have no fingers but don't use the life as an excuse you low tier nab! Well you left chronos before zu made the Dragon weapon and about the Castle ask your old friend how they struggle to cast aden along with the rest clans of chronos! By they fail so hard lmfao! And not to mention aden was to NOVA before you join so you didn't manage anything, just a few topaz as we trying to cast! It's ok bro you can stay in naia with your scammer friend pipi ou and have fun kissing the floors, EVERY time Exeqtors show up. I saw the way you try to heal, first all your pt died and then you try to heal them as they were dead!😂😂 such a humiliation!

  3. 18 hours ago, Pr1nce77 said:


    ps. To be honest i miss you DH are too boring 


    It's boring for you to be carpet all the time, but if you want I can talk to exeq and ask him to stop for one or two minutes so you can take a breath 

  4. Sorry for bully you so much in chronos and made you run away and transfer to naia. For that said I can't travel wherever you are trying to escape from me dude! But as far I can see you are getting farmed from EXEQ pretty hard! Oh where were you all those dime sieges your noob clan took part? You and your hasuband pipi ou were hiding again, and now your telling me to transfer? Come and take a taste on DS fingerless nab

  5. I was wondering if the most failure clan in l2 history will attend the DS siege this time along with their useless alliance NOVA and the rest weaklins, just to see if they can go for a 4th failure in row 

  6. 3 hours ago, Auburn said:

    I'm afraid you are a little behind the times. Apex isn't a thing anymore. Sunshine dropped ally tag and joined with their alt clans. DR and Core are on their own now.

    I know they have 1 dragon weapon still, not 100% sure what happened to the slasher. Its been a mystery since it was created who was going to hold it for the day.

    I don't want to start shit or anything but didn't you fail antharas with a stage 3 dragon weapon, and at least 1 if not 2 stage 2 dragon weapons? ( I don't count the cutters) They took it down with a stage 1 and stage 2, even though your stage 3 is better at PvE than both of their dragon weapons combined?

    And yes you did kill the new dragon faster than MAX did on Naia, thanks again to those same fists. How many stage 3 melee weapons does max have again? Bows are nice but they don't do the same damage because they don't take advantage of the same debuffs like Melee does.

    And just so I hit both sides here. iVirtual its great that you think you contributed in this video, 15 damage on that was cute to say the least, but what is most disturbing about this fact is that you refuse to pick a side. Playing the middle ground is a child's move. The whole "I hate MS but refuse to tag with an opposing clan", is just being a chicken.

    /rant over.

    Couldn't agree more of what you said about staying in no clan! And what you said about the antharas that we failed was just because we had luck of numbers and not all our dw were online! In fact we were less than 25! We the only solo clan that can kill a Dragon while the carebears nova and suns have to enter together

  7. Just now, Nikakashka said:

    So you mean that there is a chance that now you are selling items on insane price that might be free in few months? 
    Or you mean Dev team might consider removing drop of the item that exist on all other servers? This where suppose to be one of the main features of upcoming update. That was the only way for normal players to make adena. And Dev team might consider to remove it?

    GOod point BRO w8ing for an answer on that too...LMAO

  8. On 02/02/2019 at 4:17 PM, Ozzoo said:

    I asked support earlier to bring back xp boost, they told me best way to talk about this is the forums, so i post it here let's see what will happen.

    So if anyone agree with me to lunch xp boost event or whatever just say so or put plus. (We need a long time xp boost not just for a weekend)



    +1 foe exp boost 

  9. Guys guys chill out...first of all don't think that people will keep buying shots for long...weapons consume x3 shots with each hit...so 1k shots for 80-700 ncoins for me YOU ARE NOT MAKING IT A FREE TO PLAY GAME...just another GIVE ME YOUR MONEY TO PLAY GAME looks to me! Don't even think that they will remove it from l2store, only a few wealthy people will spend a couple of thousands of $ to have shots and to that people NCsoft focus's on... As for me im going to make my dwarf and shots of my own!!! 


  10. 3 minutes ago, KeepthePeace said:

    Instituting hot fixes without any test servers, is a mistake Nc West has made mistake of for many years. Now this new protection program wont even be online and running until after the update, IF IF the update happens on time...  Funny how we all love a game whos creators and owners dont care about us at all... We have all lost many friends over the years to them leaving game, and im my past 13 years i have only had 2 that quit because they felt game was an unhealthy obsession. The rest leave because of a failed staff and support system.  They have the goose that laid the golden eggs, a game that could have exceeded WOW sales if only promoted in the States.... Ever seen some commercials for the game in  other countries, they make a person who never played an MMORPG want to play, yet not 1 commercial in the USA  anywhere. The only publicity this game gets in america is as a Poster on the guys wall, on  The Big Bang Theory....  even though game is goin on 15 years old if launched properly it could be introduced as a new game to the 99% who never heard of it.... 

    Bahhhh im sorry enough ranting... 

    1000000000000000000000000000000000000% AGree

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  11. 29 minutes ago, Alb said:



    Ya, call me stupid, while you're still thinking "aloud = allowed" xD 


    Never wanted to have aden but tryed so hard during a year. :(

    So because you got a castle you can't crest with alt ? 


    Spawnakidiot = Jinkarya confirmed.

    about aden sorry wanted to say "never wanted to have rune"

  12. 1 hour ago, Alb said:


    Perhaps, it was top castle when you had it cuz no other choice.

    Perhaps, it's not anymore cuz you have  successfully conquered an empty server and took Aden.

    Perhaps, you got 2 braincells, unfortunately not even connecting each others.



    dude pull yourself together we never wanted to have Rune...why the hell you think we were atking aden even when we own Rune? stupid kid

  13. 2 hours ago, Alb said:


    Wait wait wait ... 9_9


    So when you were bound to keep Rune cuz stuck there for 8 months, it was ok and Aden didnt mean anything. Now that you have Aden, Rune became a low tier castle.


    Hypocrisi at it's finest. B|

    we drop rune many times, and many times more we didn't have castle and we were attacking aden constantly...what you think nova will do now that they have Rune? If we don't try to Rune from them they will simply stay at behind RUnes doors like they used to do with aden...MS owned all the castles and nova were hiding to their mp regen zone