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  1. War is not mandatory. Even if you propose, another clan can 'withdraw'. Your argument is flawed. They are using a strategy that is in the game. I do not see a problem!
  2. Hello I wanna get my lil brother do play with me We try to make an account today for him to play but the website says 'Failed to creat an account' and that I am not have 'authorization'. What should I do?
  3. The quests you need to do is only killing mobs that the game ask you. After killing 40.000 on Blazin you will get a better weapon and set. This is you 1 thing to do! Check the Aden Npcs. ALT+U. You are missing some quests
  4. Get level 105 on Blazing. Do the quests on Aden to get nobles and then exalted weapon and armor. The game 'shows' you to do those quest. After 105. get you visa card
  5. Yeah! I honestly don't understand the reason to silence the players' voices!
  6. Are we really free? or only ''one who should not be named'' have FREEDOM?
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