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  1. naia down

    I am very sorry to write to you that there is a problem my mistake, you are only making money your KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS ends there
  2. naia down

    All they know is how to count money! Mockery and government support would leave the face of such people for their conscientiousness and honesty (knowledge). I'm writing with a theft problem (no access to accounts) I provide all information such as: country, city year of opening the account, even screnna and lists from the bank account, moreover, they wanted the last 4 digits of the credit card number, they even got a photo of the card and our great support replies that they can't locate their accounts, I skip the fact that they responded 10 times each time someone else so I think that I played for several years, I had accounts of 107+ 109 level that I will not mention Clan and Aden and the money and payments I made to the church were such a good soul;) Defeat the only thing they sensibly wrote that they stop replying to messages if I don't give them information and how they can help xDDDDD
  3. naia down

    nothing new
  4. create new accounts

    I tried to set up an account with different IPs including the phone. Any sensible advice ideas? Each time the same message: Create Your Free NCSOFT Account Already have an NCSOFT Account? Log in now. Account Creation Failed. You are not authorized to create an account.
  5. Hello, is it possible to create new accounts or characters?