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  1. They should definitely delay for a bit. Sort out their issues put up a beta server so there can be some testing, data gathering and ironing out stuff that should have been removed e.g. QA at clan arena.
  2. Accounts Locked for Suspicious Activity

    Has happened for a lot of people I know but 0 support.
  3. Instead of adding a lot of boring stuff to the L2store why not add something dynamic like a party cake. Instead of giving and maintaining vit just give an 10%-20% flat exp boost to players in the proximity. This will add alot of flavour to exp zones and player interactions.
  4. Top Clans (Talking Island)

    You will probably not find such a list anywhere until after launch. There's a lot of clans/sides from other projects joining but have no need to announce it on forum. The only clans you will find on this forum are new and small clans that have to resort to forum recruiting.
  5. LF TOP competitive CP

    I can give my favorite ping pong player a bump.
  6. All the best customers will be on TI, just sayin'.
  7. I think mana potions are a very good way to help solo players progress and not have to sit and rest all the time. A good idea would be having SE/EE/Bish/Prophets being able to craft mana potions and bring some value for players of thoes classes.
  8. Dynasty Clan is Recruiting!

    "Elite PvP force" -> forum recruiting...
  9. Oh Gludio castle aficionados. It's also nice to see that the roleplay community of Classic will have some representation hopefully you will find many like-minded people to join you guys on your future journeys and adventures.