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  1. I already asked this on the other thread. This is what Juji said. I hope they will update us before the deletion of the item.
  2. I noticed this too. I think they nerfed the event. The drop rate is low compare to the 1st 2 weeks of the event.
  3. Does anyone experience this? I'm hunting during peak hour and I'm not getting any letter at all. @Juji You extend the event but you nerf the drop rate? https://imgur.com/MGjcBXb
  4. Also, lots of players are asking to add an exchange option for BSSR to SSR or vice vera. Or you guys don't care at all?
  5. @Hime Will the deletion date for the consumables are going to move also? How about don't put the expiration date at all, that would be great.
  6. + on this. @Juji Please add an option to exchange it so we can use the rewards. Thanks
  7. I got a bunch of BSSR. Thanks for the free item, I hope I can use it. :facepalm:
  8. I've experienced this not only in Coal but also in Beleth's Magic Circle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPkaJpLICTQ&feature=youtu.be (killing mobs for 9 minutes and not getting any quest items)
  9. Please make the letters tradable or add npc where we can exchange letters to other letters.
  10. Same here. My class is a warrior and mostly I get is BSSR. What are we going to do with this if this is not tradable? This event is supposedly free right? How is this free if we can't use the rewards in the first place. How about making the BSSR & SSR box class-based, when you open it will automatically convert to BSSR or SSR based on what class you are.
  11. @Juji Why not make the letters tradable? or maybe put an NPC where we can exchange it to other letters? like 3:1 for the rare letters. What we are supposed to do with the excess letters if we can't complete the word because of the missing letters? Can you at least give us an option to exchange it or make it tradable so we can buy it from other players? Also, please stop putting limited-time consumables.
  12. @Juji Please consider giving an additional 1 Dragon Weapon coupon for yul class, we can't really use the last 2 coupons. Technically we can use it but we can't exchange it for bow. Thanks
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