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  1. Wait.... YOU spent that much money and didn't receive anything... then COMPLAIN about the game being Pay2Win?? LMAO Literally got my lvl1 Earth Pendant +6 with the free box. I am having fun on the server and hanvt spent more than the starter pack. GG
  2. LMAO... Go to Talking island server and see all the shops in Giran..
  3. LOL...I can tell you havent been on skelth lately.. The LFG channel had around 120 people in an active party, and then less than 10 people actually in the LFG portion. Everyone who is still active on skelth is 75+ and all the lowbie zones have no one in it. Everywhere I go in NA has people (Im on TI). Aden Dungeon, FoM, AI, Cruma. Not to mention I do raids every night with over 150+ people. Get your uneducated bias out of these forums.
  4. I threw them in with the 1000 bots, because there is no way in hell 1000 bots on the server, maybe 400-600 bots, and there are not 1k people fishing... but a lot of people fish / afk shop while they work and come back home just to xp.. So besides the Fishing part that I didnt exactly specify directly, what else is misleading?
  5. "1500 Unique Logins".... I know tons of people who stayed logged all day with their shop up, just to get home and close shop to start xping… and not everyone's peak times are the same, so you cant base the 1500 jump at "peak times" to be the only "true" active players on the server. I play with a ton of people who only have 1 active account, so you using 7 clients is an outlier, but I would say at least 20% of the server runs 3 clients. Currently there are 3600 people on TI with 400 vendors up, leaving 3200 people. With 25% of that 3200 being people running 3 clients , would mean 800 of the 32
  6. "Everyone with just a bit brain knew that there will be store with such items like pendant".... There is a reason they didn't mention this in the server launch stream, and that is because they knew it would upset the server. They saw that their F2P model was not as successful as they hoped, so they released pendants, and idiots are buying them. Did people suspect that NC was going to do something like this? I would say yes, and that a majority of the server suspected it. Did everyone try to remain optimistic about a server we have been waiting on for years? Yes Were we l
  7. So then why did you make an earth one....
  8. TI still has about 3500 regularly and close to 4500 at Peak times. You would have to account for half being boxes / shops / bots but I cant imagine there being 2k bots on the server.. theres always around 2500 people in the LFG party window.
  9. You are the reason they add stuff like this to the store... Its a free2play game, you just paid 100$ for in-game items and are pissed you didn't get what you "paid" for. NC got your money and doesn't give a damn if you quit. Im glad you got nothing and now are crying about it lol.
  10. No you cant. If you paid for something 3 months back, and continued playing on the server, you cant say it "Didnt live up to your standards" because you kept playing.. read the agreement son.
  11. "Chargeback"? You cant get your money back lol. And "Close your account"? Its Free2Play man anyone can just stop or make a new account, etc. This was a dumb post.
  12. Cant believe (actually yes I can) how much this company does not listen to its players. We left GoD, we left Live servers, you had to merge 6 servers into 2 due to lack of player-base... then you make Classic, a good amount of us come back, then you implement P2W in classic, which is the entire POINT OF CLASSIC. @Jujiand @Hime stated there would be NO P2W items in the shop in the intro server video. Then they messed up with adena rates (I dont think they messed up, just got called out), Messed up with proper xp rates in certain areas, then messed up on drop rates with mats.... now this. L
  13. This on so many levels. I cant say I am surprised, but I didn't think the ignorance of NCWest was this strong. They saw a decrease in users when they released GoD, then they saw another decrease in users when they went P2W to the point where they had to merge MULTIPLE servers, to now be left with 2. They saw how bad we wanted Pre-God Classic and how successful it is overseas. Even with the implementation of Free2Play, we gave them a chance because we wanted the game to be back to how it was. ..And then they pull this. There are no arguments over P2W or Not P2W anymore. I was on th
  14. Hey Guys! I just came back to the game from a 2month break, RL came at me and had to take some time off but I am back. I read the website charter and wanted to post here before doing anything on the website. Im a 43 SK, 27y/o and live on the East Cost (Usa). Looking for a chill group to xp/pvp with as well as progress. Cant be on every night, but I usually am about 2-3 times during the week, and more on the weekend. I play from about 830pm-1030pm during the week and then throughout the day on Saturday/Sunday. My ingame name is "Drugs". Let me know whats good
  15. Since Garfield took the time out of his day to not only read your post, but berate you for asking a question I will answer. 1) You cannot kill another white player as a white player. One of you would go purple (flag) and if you both flag, then neither of you will go red if you kill each other. 2)You can kill a RED player as a white player, and if that RED player has 5pk's already, they have a chance to drop an item. 3) If you are RED and kill another WHITE player, you will STAY RED and your KARMA will increase, as well as your PK count (remember, once your PK Count = 5, you
  16. Didnt read any of the post or comments. Just came here to tell OP no one cares.
  17. You must of stopped reading there and didnt bother to continue reading the entire statement. "I know the servers arent exactly as 2004 but its still a classic/hardcore experience". So good for you for reading only the part that you had an issue with, without gathering information from the entirety of the statement, because thats how you make educated, informed opinions. Bravo.
  18. I completely agree with this. Please people stop spamming the forums with this shit. If you dont like the server please just quit and stfu. No one cares if you quit. Theres a big enough population who enjoy the game how it is now (and how it was back in 2004) to sustain the servers. I know the servers arent exactly as 2004 but its still a classic/hardcore experience.
  19. Also, as a community, we have to refrain from RMT. There is always a small % of users who abuse the RMT system. They will buy accounts, buy buffers, buy adena, buy weapons with RMT. These companies are in it to make real life money, in exchange for in-game currency. If we all refrain from this, especially account purchasing, the Bots will dwindle away. There is only a small % of Bots who are actually botting to level up their character. If we ensure we dont RMT, they will see that the buisness isnt worth it, it would be better if we had a paid subscription, because they would be paying for ea
  20. Any clarification if we use an event EWD, does it bind the weapon to the user? or is the weapon (now +1) still tradable?
  21. The only people who post on the forums are people complaining about the server.. and theres so many MORE people who are happy with the server yet dont say anything on forums , me being one. I love the server. Theres always 6500 people on at any given time, towns are full of shops, and this server reminds me of how the game was back in early 2005 when i was a kid, but this is even better because everyone is at the same level range. Leveling zones are PACKED and pvp is everywhere, I love whats going on and I play casually (currently lvl 31). They announced last night they know theres an iss
  22. If my aoe grp PVPs for a spot and someone goes Red, when we pull the train, we will drop everyone from group, except nukers so the RED gets more XP and washes Karma faster. Doesnt take too long that way. Just have to be xping with friends / clannies.
  23. No I meant that I literally did not understand the words in which you were speaking, the grammar and spelling was horrific. If you are AoE'ing its pretty simple to wash the Karma. If you are trying to wash your karma by killing mobs 1 by 1 I could see why it would take you hours, but if you are AoE'ing it goes by a little faster. Also if you are out there just pk'ing non stop, yes its most likely not the most efficient thing to do if you are trying to efficiently level. People still PK, I see reds almost everyday, you are acting like no one PVP's or PK's due to the "difficulty" of washing the
  24. I literally have no idea what you are trying to say. I pvp almost every night I am on for better pve spots, if someone goes red we are able to wash their Karma away before the group even comes back. If you hit PK4 go do sineater quest. The game / server is not broken. They give you 3 free PKs without any punishment. If you are PKing someone, expect to die pretty soon there after.. that isnt damn rocket science lol.
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