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  1. For me it's obviously abuse of report button. at least i dont think he was a botting. More like most of toxic spoilers he tried to steal their trains with festi. Using button for this is sick, like stealing also
  2. Try to reinstal just Launcher - if doesnt work, try to reinstal whole client. Patience, please. Support is just normal people,and they live and work in NA so try to catch them in few hour later -cuz now they are sleep propably.
  3. Santion


    Please, can you be more precisely? Vip is just for you: - bonuses of exp its count only for you, same with fishing, and earned boxes ofc. -If you think about drops - for sure its not work for all party, but i dont have information how its calculated, maybe some1 know?
  4. Sadly m8 its impossible to change it. At least none of Gm will help you cuz it not a bug, its just your mistake. Moon set is not possible to exchange so even making quest on other char wont help you. Your only way to make it ok is make another character or just buy other set.
  5. For now its easy for all to make boxes with SE/EE or any other box. Solo pvp demands it, but we still need to remember that is MMO (Massively multiplayer online) sadly that huge part of plp still forget about it. Like some1 said, part of parties dont accept boxes in hunting especialy on difiicult mobs or RB, at least we cant forget about sieges in future, then noone have time to box support, and then you will be appreciated.
  6. Mostly drop by monster ( Oel Mahum Shooter, Turek Orc Prefect, Noble Ant Captian, Porta, Catherok, maybe more) and Raid Bosses (20-40lvls). I dont know any Q for this.
  7. Harbingers rekrutuje: Bez zbędnego ciśnienia i dla zabawy. Jednak z ambicjami i celami. Jeśli szukasz grupy do wspólnego grindowania. questowania i wspólnego spedzania czasu wieczorami w grze i na TSie, czuj się zaproszony. Akceptujemy wszystkie klasy, a magiczny support witamy ze szczególną radością. Pm w grze Sante / Dyalya / Erhel /Eralil/ Elquierra
  8. WTS Light Crossbow P. Atk.: 191 M. At 54 PM me in game (include your offer) ill respond all today.
  9. Mixa tyvm for such a certain answer for topic question, you helped a lot. I did not found any info about reseting amount of Hero Coins for now. I asked some ppl on server/ clan and I estabilished, that will be propably no reset of hero coins. propably cuz you never know what kind of supreise is w8 for us "_"
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