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  1. party lvl exp penalty removed

    @ohfuggle nice analysis you made, thanks for sharing – completely agree.
  2. To all winners, Don't be sheep – p2w is misguided notion. You came here to win, without p2w items, yet with items or without you will be beat up by no-lifers! Winning is not only about gear – to win takes huge amount of time, and team effort! You want to dominate epics, castles, oly? Pay to win those titles, and still you lose, if you alone. Epic raids needs many people, in Olympiad you farm, in sieges of importance are leadership, numbers, levels, gears, skill, and many other things. There can be just one winner, so clearly less <1% of players can win the hero titles, dominate castles sieges, and epic bosses. Spend fortune and you still won’t win alone, as your enemy will have, maybe not that great, but still strong gear. Be honest with yourself: are you came here to win? Ask yourself do you have so much time and dedication to play to win? Ask yourself – if without NC store items, would become a winner? For the most players, winning is beyond reach. So don’t be sheep, do not cry about impossibility to compete, with it or without you still lose to no-lifers and RMT, who dominated, dominates, and will dominate any classic server regardless your singular effort. The truth is, p2w matters only to a small fraction of players, who had time, team, and ambition to win in the first place. From server to server, same cry of p2w, and still you don’t win. You blame the system, but reasons are not these – nolifing, and team plays no less great role than simple gear. As simple as that, RMT pervades any servers, and those same RMT pays for winning. Good luck in your futile effort to beat them. For the others, enjoy the game and don’t sheep along those rages for p2w, which actually does not apply to you and rest of 99% of players, who would not win regardless NC store. LyNoTex
  3. Where did the recipes go?

    Hey friend, You touched on very important problem. I wrote some arguments here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12694-we-need-drop-spoil-database/ FYI, juji in discord mentioned they do not plan to make the database on their own ... If we get some info, it would be only, if Korean devs will share this info / database with NC west. Cheers, Lyno
  4. We need Drop / Spoil Database !

    Of course no. Sakisek said well enough - any info is better than no info.
  5. Looking for solo power-leveling guide around 55 – 70 lvl. There are many offers in global chat selling power-leveling 55 – 70, yet how it is actually done? 1. Taking into consideration 3 box limit; 2. What are best power-leveling class (target of course can be any class); 3. Zones where to power-level. 4. Strategy / Tactics. 5. Anything else? Thanks!
  6. Blessed Soul Shots (Explained!)

    Good question - Scubba's dwarf in Giran server alone has 100k + of these shots, selling 400a each, so its 40kk+. Also in TI server one guy is selling BSSB recipe, so if he sells it successfully someone will get serious loss once it will be deleted (I assume recipes are expensive now, since nobody shared info where they got it).
  7. Blessed Soul Shots (Explained!)

    Update: Recipe: Blessed Soul Shot C spoilable from NOS in Aligator Island (AI) It was implemented with Imperial Tombs update in NC korea "North" = NOS, it is just chrome bad translation.
  8. Fellow players, We all seen blessed soul shots B grade. We all wonder where it came from. After bit of research on NC Korea website, found the answer (translated by chrome): Both Hallate's Commander and Hallate's Subordinate Mul can be found in TOI (Tower of Insolence). Again, L2 wiki is completely silent on possibility of these spoils ... Please support our request to make separate NC west drop / spoil database, or at least excell file. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12694-we-need-drop-spoil-database/ LyNo P.S. @Juji please discuss this question with dev's should not be hard to convince them
  9. We need Drop / Spoil Database !

    Guys, here is @Juji response in Discord. First of all, we are not asking and we need not second l2 wiki ... To reiterate, we request drop / spoil info, even abstract one (without probability info), and in excell form, would be significant improvement.
  10. Which server has the most NA players?

    Most alive - Giran Most NA - Talking Island
  11. We need Drop / Spoil Database !

    @Juji what do you think about the problem and when we could expect to have a solution?
  12. Drop and Spoil

    Hello, Oryana, This is serious problem @Juji @Hime I also wrote some arguments on the issue here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12694-we-need-drop-spoil-database/ All my friends and discord fellows agree that such database is necessary to have. Regards, LyNoTex
  13. Hey fellow players, GeForce Experience did not recognise L2, anyone has same issue? This problems seems pervasive: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/917412/lineage-2-not-found-on-geforce-experience/ @Juji @Hime did you know how to solve this issue?
  14. Hello fellow Players, and Staff, We need reliable and official drop / spoil database for NC west L2 classic. First of all, NC Korea has official database, and we have not. Secondly, we cannot trust NC Korea official database (via web translation) because they play thoroughly updated version of classic. Thirdly, we cannot trust l2 wiki EU database, because it is unreliable. NC Korea model with abstact drop / spoil table would be sufficient. Probability rates are, of course, good to know, but secondary matter. All the best, LyNoTex