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  1. Hi to all ! Yep...mobs got stronger that is the bottom line here. All updates increase the power and defense of mobs and RB. They do not need to specify this . I see that you as a yull have a good gear . I even saw a rub 5 and lev 5 opal . Now all these jewels are now....useless as the greater ones go to level 10 now. Solutions (NO joke): sell all your items and delete game . Hardcore player? ok then consider this: - increase in one thing only! - It is too expensive to goo all out....weapon+belts+jewels etc .....just have an ordinary setup (+10 exalted gear)
  2. Hello Instinctive! This subject is little bit complex ...,maybe ando or tevas can give more info on this ....but here I go... It is true that LUC stat does increase your chance for enchantment and it is best if it is very high (that means luc dyes +5, accessories (rabbit, hats etc+3 luc-old ones from a time ...long forgotten +food---from fish --also from long time +1 luck, maph potion ,max exalted quest +cloak, dimensional bracelet luc, max artifacts (just put the stones no enchant required-do not spend adena here remember you just want LUC -...fill the slots) emrald (greater max) ,
  3. Hi! I am a non important individual/person witch brings no value to this world....But I would like to tell you a story about ISS Warcryer and Dominator class before they became what they are... First of all....I know ...that recent changes (2020 ones) made the game quite difficult...it is not fun to see after you put a macro, go to work and come back (luckily nobody pk-ed you) to see that the xp does not show not even 1 % after 12h ... But still....I want to tell you something that most players are not discussing....or I dare say ...not even interested in . Previous game v
  4. Hi @BAION! So as I said up unfortunately race change it does not change your main...at least this was the info that I got . Chaos Essence is a 30 days item, after that it gets deleted if you did not used it. If you use it your change will be permanent . (You do NOT revert after 30 days)
  5. I hope that will be a reality @Draecke ! Until then I have only these words to guide me... On 16.11.2019 at 2:39 AM, Juji said: Hello All, We had a long discussion with the Dev team this week during discussing a dual-to-main class swapping account service. Unfortunately, the Dev team cannot support a swap service for the Dual Class as it would be extremely difficult to implement and maintain with each class exception. We thought it was something Dev could easily support for NCW because of the Dual Class Re-awakening feature with Red Libra, but it is technically not the same
  6. @TeraPatrick Hi man I dunno if they will reply to your post but I will try to help you....Usually a do not talk on forums...at all but since this update is ....let say funny(other words came to mind but I prefer not to say them). From dual to main I do not know.... (right from the start I tell you that) but... I made a short while ago a small ticket asking to be able to change my profession (example tyr-to yul, yul-feoh etc) and I asked if it is possible to use the race change item from l2 store to use it as a catalyst for a profession change. The answer was of course no and
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