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  1. Fix the BOTS problem that is ruining the game in the area like Ruins of Agony, Abandoned Camp and others. The Auto-Hunting system is making way for there to be a lot of BOT in those areas and not allowing others to farm. They should remove Auto-Hunting or enable it for level 75 or higher. And also, greater oversight by GMs. That the GM enter the servers "Giran" or Talkien Islan "and go to this area to ban these people who ruin the game. With just 1 hour every day this problem would be solved.
  2. Ruin of agony

    I think they should remove Auto-Hunting. The gentlemen of NCSOFT do nothing about it. : C, Even I think there would be volunteers to ban these people if GM were chosen at least 1 hour a day.
  3. Ruins of Agony

    He had the same problem and I know a secret place to farm. There is a lot of abuse of those Player who are AFK