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  1. I want to know list auto hunting, help !!!

    i dont use it , i need the command to use macro Example : 1: /autohuntingon 2:/delay 300 3:/long distance auto target ( not "/targetnext2") --> i need this command !!! 4:/delay 300 5:/short distance auto target (not "/targetnext") ----> i need this command !!! 6:/delay 300 7:/autohuntingoff 8:/target %self 9: buff me 10: buff me .....
  2. I want to know list auto hunting, help !!!

    Oh no , i knew these commands : /targetnext and /targetnext2 , but i want to know the auto command like to the auto button when i click button "long distance auto short"
  3. I want to know "long/short distance auto target" command line the same same to /autohuntingon /autohuntingoff please help me!