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  1. we set goals as players. we track our xp per hr. we find the best spots and combos to get us and those with us the most xp in the shortest time. we do our own testing on skills and stats because the UI is just an outdated liar. yet our biggest setback...is the lack of game management. we honestly get set back in game by decisions (or more commonly lack there of) made by our GM(General Manager not Game Master obviously) and his "team".
  2. if you guys didnt think that party bonus just means people will log an idle toon to sit in tow to give the bonus...QUIT YOUR bleepING JOB AND LET SOMEONE COMPETENT STEP IN.
  3. have you guys ever used the internet before? they have a server admin for dummies out there..... i cant xp? these items i spend cash on? monthly sub plus destiny? and i cant log in? basic bleepin math? maybe you didn't see the covid rush coming 4 months ago? im normally not one to bleep but this is just a sad sad job done. you give us dandy as compensation.....DANDY BALLD DO NOT STACK WITH CURRENT EVENT ITEMS. VIT FROM DANDY BALL IS USELESS WE HAVE VIT RUNE....COMCAST HAS BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE. maybe take a class?...have you guys ever played this game? or any game? this is just insultin
  4. check skill descriptions. anything that says target is fine, if its target or enemies around you it will flag.
  5. its a pretty simple concept. you are taking advantage of the pet mechanics. you are using something in the game as not intended to gain an advantage. blatantly against the spirit of the game. buts its ok. play on easy if you like.
  6. not to mention, now at 107 you get a damage penalty in all mobs in FOS. so back to 107 zones, since there are no 108 zones. every update makes this game worse. they either give absolutely no bleeps about their player base, or are just completely clueless.
  7. Now i have to go back to alligator and tanor after fos for the last month? Lame. nurf to everyone who is 106/107.....
  8. they are removing the ori arrows wich archers create with sills, not normal arrows. arrows only need to be in inventory to be used, not equipped.
  9. Since it was nearly impossible for supports do get anything even close to decent in this kama event, could we get some compensation?
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