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  1. nothing changed at all, all packs are still up, as i said same boost. same party. as soon as i hit the lvl xp changed. i watched the ding and saw a huge drop in the xp numbers. party is 111-113
  2. mobs still white, same boost, same party. as soon as i hit 113 xp droped from 23-33 per mob to 14-20. unless they ninja nurfed last night?
  3. why not boost stronghold 1? seems way more logical way to close the adena gap. now your even further crippling anyones chance to catch up to this games content much less the players that benefited from it.
  4. this would ruin the economy completely. you can buy NC shop items and sell them. that is no different than buying adena, except that another player is involved in the trade not the trade shop. This is creating a flow of items and adena instead of you just buying adena from the shop. That would also lower the amount of overall items in game as top traders buy boxes with adena. Those boxes turn into items, then sold into market. So you would have adena but nothing to spend it on. This would entirely cripple the trading done in game. this is VERY basic economics, cant just print money.
  5. adjusted means harder mobs less drop rates. great job on that "transparency" you guys are working on @Hime @Juji.
  6. Why does xp in ketra drop about 10b per mob from lvling up from 112 to 113?
  7. summoners need to be completely reworked. it would be better for the whole server if the summons were more of an animation during attacks than a physical presence on the server. i know thats a huge change for the class, but since the 4x summons broke every server, the whole thing needs to be changed.
  8. why everyone want compensation while the server isnt running properly? cant use it. wouldnt it be better to have when its working?
  9. Using items, ie opening boxes, now causes macros to full stop. toon just stands still while using anything from inventory.
  10. Party Cakes seem to be timed a few min shorter than the past. Its been a while since i chained cakes, but i remember setting timers for 39 min and having time to drop the new cake before buff was over. Now i set the timer 35 and sometimes cake is gone sometimes 2 min left. Anyone else notice this?
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