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  1. Offline Shop Why Not?

    I was actually thinking about this today. I know the afk dorf shops is part of the L2 culture. But given the server capacity and the 3 account limit why can’t we utilize something like Path of Exile uses http://poe.trade/. Where you browse the store and then can PM people who are online and do business that way. It would also enable us as players to barter.
  2. Thank You

    I’ll get on this. Thank you for pushing forward with the fixes when the community feels so ingrateful. We all know how things at work go. And it’s rarely according to plan. So yes, Thank You again for all of your hard work.
  3. Warehouse between characters

    Back in the day we would find a hidden spot. Take both toons there. Then log onto the one with the items and throw them on the ground then switch toons. Hope for the best and pick them up. Lol.
  4. Just wanted to point out two minor non gameplay affecting things I have noticed. One, when waiting in line it is called the “qeue” Two, my casters have swords next too it’s name. That is all. Thank you for all of your hard work!
  5. Is there a chance that the attendance check event could be extended bye to the difficulty we are all having logging into the servers. Yesterday I spent 2 hours trying to log in which reduced my available playtime. That is going to cause me to be unable to claim my rewards during the week given that I won’t have enough time to log in let alone play for 30 minutes to claim my reward.
  6. WeLittlePeople?

    I played a DE dagger. Same name. I’ll be rolling on giran server. Maybe I’ll see you around.
  7. WeLittlePeople?

    I used to be in welittlepeople back on the Gustin server. I am wondering if there are any of the original members still floating around and if they would be interested in starting fresh on the new up coming servers