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  1. Oh! I didn't even notice that. But I can't really argue against it. It is classic NA.
  2. You get the same thing every one else gets.... Why would EU players get something different?
  3. @Hime @Juji Any chance you could put out a small infographic showing what % of people are at what level range? I'm curious as to how you guys decided now is the time to release new content. Also I think it would be pretty cool to see and shut up these "only 5% blah blah blah' replies
  4. He was agreeing and confirming your post dude...
  5. Ketra/varka gonna be on forgotten isle? What is going to happen when you guys release Goddard territory content?
  6. This is classic. Can't expect the same thing from chronos, or can I go home and make a kamael on classic? I can't name another event where you purchased an event item, but classic has only had 3 or so events so far.
  7. I'm imagining everyone complaining in this thread as your classic "lemme talk to your manager" types complaining that they weren't warned about something that is obvious. It was an event obv the items will go away. Next thread
  8. This sounds like a support ticket. Would suggest making one
  9. How are they messaging you again if you're blocking them ?
  10. No one has any idea what you are saying. That's why no one else has responded. You want something more to buy with vip?? There is plenty of stuff!! Or were you looking for more of a p2w item ?
  11. I do think it's kinda funny that people leave the game because they can't be relevant. There is more this game has to offer. I've been lazy/busy and only level 40 but still have fun logging in and chatting with my clan mates. This is a game where you need to have no life to be at the top level. Remember when enmity was the first to down frintezza in the west? The clan leader admitted in an interview that the majority of them don't have jobs so they are free to play all day. To each their own I guess. Have fun with whatever game you pay
  12. They put the regular L2 and classic on one page. Ours is half way down the page. So vday themed cosmetics in the store, banana buff is now a rose or something and the manager trees are back. Nothing special for this event.
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