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  1. If u spend that much u easily can open at least 10 L2 Clients, with that u can do a 9 PT plus 1 PK to farm in hard areas, cause bots normaly are in weak areas like Enchanted Valley - Devastated Camp - Ruins of Agony. (Bots are a problem) But you cannot make a claim for normal players, players who spend day and night 24/7, with multiple computers, spending a lot (Time, Money, Light, Etc). Just because you don't have the requirements to do it, you have to adapt, the players continually create new characters and everything to experiment, create an efficient way to generate Adena, we are all t
  2. Elemental Summoner It's better for farming-skill cause they got better mp reg also the pony is strong, but Arcane Lord are better by Melee playing (Light-MeleeWeap)
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