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  1. CP LF SWS

    BR mage cp lf sws --- Our currently lvl is 5x but we can help u to grow if u feel like joining. CP made mostly of portuguese speakers but almost everybody can speak english, we are not afiliated to any side (nova/dynast or isf) but we hope to join any big ally soon. We play almost everyday but no one is a no lifer. Prime: 20h~01h UTC-03:00 (everyday almost) "Andergorda mail or msg me here ~~~~~~ BR mage cp procura SWS Lvl 5x, se vc for lvl baixo podemos ajudar com plvl. CP sem side no momento(nova/dynasty ou isforce) mas entraremos alguma ally pra participar dos eventos do server. Jogamos quase todos os dias porém ng é 24/7. Prime é de 20h>01h UTC-03:00 [jogamos quase todos os dias] "Andergorda mail ou inbox ~~~~~~ BR mage cp BR mago procura sws --- Nuestro nivel actual es 5x, pero podemos ayudarlo a crecer si desea vir a unirse. Somos BRs(hablantes de pt) pero pudemos hablar ingles e un poco de espanol(castejano) no pertencemos a ningun lado de lo server (nova dynasty / isf) pero esperamos a unirnos a algun gran aliado. jugamos casi todos os dias, pero nadie es un no lifer Prime: 20h~01h UTC-03:00 "Andergorda mail o inbox
  2. they took only 12 years to solve the invite/enter chat problem (when you were talking and someone invites you to park and the 'enter' cancels the invite) and another good 12 years to create the 'block sell spam' with mouse feature. how hard it to create a algorithm to ban ppl that spams the same thing for over an hour? another 12? 10? 5? or just a day of korean devs?
  3. CLAN PVE LF 2

    PVE clan looking for 2 members to 30/30 The goal here is to recruit people that plays a certain a mount of time pher day so we can have chest4 / unity 4 everyday. and later on 10% No need of stupid use of TS or discord or w/e just log in and play. needs to be lvl30+ / not logging in whitout letting me know the reason = kick Mail to Gorda/Toby/CatTailedGirl
  4. ?? the one with less bots??!?!
  5. but botters dont care about xp, u would even be helping by dlvling his spoil. they work on profit, if u drop some bot weapon he will ofc feel the loss. thus making less ppl botting cause of literally no profit. and by griefers, ppl who tend to prey on others usually are stronger and fewer. but as they do it and get known of doing it their clans/parties gets targeted and ppl rally together to fight them, this is lineage2. half of the stuff is politics and confrontations we want a hardcore classic version or a soft? whts the point of making it classic if its going to be carebear as hell? well make giran "no drop" and talking island server with "death drop" after 2 months which server will have less bots?
  6. totally agree. and even it being a hell of a bleep move to drop ppl, it can be considered yet a part of the game. the 'chaotic' side of L2 is what makes us like this game in first place.
  7. sorry but this is so dumb omg
  8. as far as it goes for classic, skelth did had some bots but the drop upón death chance was the best countermeasure ever... i dont really know what devs are thinking by letting free to play and removing this %drop chance... its like a invitation. for g sake