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  1. The weekend XP event is the stupidest thing ever. What if you work Saturday and Sunday but have other days off? And you're right some people spend all day on weekend grinding then don't bother on other days. NCsoft is hammering the nails in the coffin themselves. All we needed was classic L2 with none of these gimmicks or events.
  2. You have some valid points. The problem is that the progression from lvl 1-25 is completely bonkers. The game gives you a free No grade weapon and armour set, and then a free set of gear at lvl 25. So in the first 25 levels aside from trying to grind for a better weapon, you have nothing at all to work towards. There are also quests to give you the biggest adena sink in the game (soulshots). So everything just feels kind of pointless like you aren't working towards anything but leveling up. To make up for all this free stuff too the game completely nerfed the adena rates at these low leve
  3. Hey, what are the pros and cons of each for main? Seems like EE has clarity and PR, but clarity not until 58. SE has some melee debuffs and group recharge. Say for example my playing is typically duo/things like Aden dungeon with a mage, or maybe trio/4 ppl grinding in Cruma, or occasionally join an AoE mage/Warlord party by searching through the party finder. It will not likely be in structured CP gameplay. Which class do you think would be better to have live? I'm afraid every party even AoE ones will just have boxed SEs.
  4. Daily bonuses are in those games because they get players logging in more frequently. It's as simple as that, doesn't mean they are a good thing or good player experience. Even games like WoW realized this was bad and in modern WoW the dailies are spread out over 3-4 days, or in games like Destiny 2 it's spread out over weekly milestones. Being part of a CP, or events like a raid or Olympiad are also not the same thing at all. Nor does every aspect of the game need to be structured around these sorts of things. You also don't need to do Olympiad every day, you just need to be strategic in
  5. I don't understand why those things are in quotations, or what 'everyone's doing it' or 'playing at your own pace' have to do with anything in my post.
  6. Screw all these daily quests and rewards that expire if you miss out on them. Nothing but skinner box shit from every modern MMORPG that everyone hates. Making the game feel like a chore to manipulate into logging in each day. In the end they make the game feel like a job and burn people out. If these were really a 'boost' for casual players you'd accumulate them and get to use them however you want. What if in my job I worked weekends and had Wednesday and Thursday off, why can I choose those days for my boost? Why does the game care if I do 7 FOM dailies on a Saturday when I plan to grind
  7. That seems silly, I had a long sword for 70k at like level 18, Falchion at level 21 and bought a D grade saber at 23 or 24. Similar for friends who are playing too. Yes it's a grind but it's fun to play in groups and there are always people looking at popular spots like AC or Orc Barracks. I just play casually but like above it can be fun, it's also rewarding to see your adena rise, sell your old gear and upgrade, it really feels like progress where other games just give you 'bind on equip' gear that becomes worthless once you put it on and outgrow it, making it feel like the stuff you've
  8. Its hilarious that this was already an issue and then you make a seasonal event that just encourages AFKing for 4 hours. There are a number of ways to allieviate the queue. The simplest and most immediate short term is to do regular server restarts. Considering the early age of the server this wouldn't really be a big deal - I think all players would prefer that to queues until a longer term solution is implemented. The easiest long term solution is to implement offline sell/buy shops. When you create a shop your client logs out and your shop stays there until the item sells,
  9. All of this was forseeable though. Why can private servers create an offline shop but NCsoft cant, they deal with several hour long queues meanwhile there are more people with AFK shops contributing nothing towards the game/community than there are people waiting in queue. Same with afk fishing, and in general afk people who don't want to wait in queue so they just afk all day long. It's ridiculous and could be solved by any company that actually cared for their player experience.
  10. Yes it's subjective but your line of thinking is quite odd because the game before noblesse, 3rd class professions/abilities, olympiad, etc... was dramatically different. In contrast C4, C5 and Interlude were much more similar than C4 was to anything before it. I just find it odd that you would draw the line at C4 and not include C5/Interlude. There was a significant difference to the days of manually pressing soulshots than when we got subclasses, Olympiad, 3rd clases, etc... Enough that I don't think anyone who played before those things would lump them together.
  11. The 'fix' has made it worse, instead of having 10 seconds to get in game I now have less than 3 seconds. Sometimes it tells me "the client will close" the instant the queue reaches 0.
  12. A grade came in C3 btw, and old school was obt/prelude/c1/c2/c3, prime time was c4/c5/interlude. Game turned to garbage with CT/kamael, by the time gracia, h5 and GoD came out it wasn't even the same game
  13. You are confused then mate, because A grade wasn't even in the game until C3, and B grade was added in C1, in OBT/Prelude it was just C grade. And people certainly didn't skip B grade, sounds like you have some memories from C4 or C5 private servers or something. And no it's not as simple as that because we're playing on L2 Classic, which has a bunch of various drop rates depending on version and even your region. And the devs have already acknowledged they have a high priority to 'fix' the issue. I don't accept farming mobs at level 30 or 25 without soulshots. I bought Lineage 2 in
  14. So true, even Chinese farmers used to delvl over and over and grind the Library in Elven Ruins. There was one Dark Elf dagger named "Herny" on Bartz who was there at least 16 hours a day, I made friends with him and afk power level'd a char and traded him all the adena that was made. Sure when you were level 10 you couldn't afford shots and had to buy boat tickets to get to gludin, but you eventually reach a point when you can go to elven ruins, soda, elven fortress, etc... that the adena and drops change. By level 30 you were wedging paper or a guitar pick in your F1 to hold souls
  15. Nah it's just you ppl can't see past your experience in the first week of old L2...I played back then too, I remember scraping adena off the ground for a ship ticket and using 1 soulshot per mob because I couldn't afford them. But that was when I was like level 10-18. Then I did my class change quest and started grinding and earning Adena. By late 20s I was using banana set and low D duals and wedging a guitar pick in my F1 for soulshots, by 36 or so I bought top D duals, in mid 40s I had Karmian, by 50 I had dual katanas. Everyone expects to be a grade behind in gear, and no one i
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