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  1. nobody cares when making thousands of dollars a month on a free game
  2. well at least u admit game messed up and needs work L2 Team Posted 1 hour ago Server transfer eligibility issue should be fixed now. Can you try again? We are performing some backend work that affects all titles and has considerable downtime.
  3. 4.5hrs for what? to tell us next week event over?
  4. I am thinking of changing my evicerator. I really liked the class, but lately it just isnt very fun with the melee lag and the way the game is setup for single target zones/xp. everyone wants aoe toons. should I change my evi to archer? other ideas? what did you do?
  5. whats the best compensation juji has ever given us? whatever that was it needs to be 5x better this time.
  6. so excited. cant wait to spend a couple grand on artifact event when servers still suck and melee lag exists over 18 months long. I say screw the compensation for us and give juji and hime a promotion.
  7. its the weekend...nobody working.
  8. I spend helluva lot more than 30 dollars. This game has been slowed down by lag, kill speed, disconnects on purpose imo. The lag alone is an easy 25% reduction in farming adena and xp. I feel this game and its producer need to get its act together. And users need to stop gambling.
  9. well hopefully melee users arent spending any money because everyone that is spending is just getting ripped off due to the crappy gameplay and disconnects.
  10. need gm buff pot for reward put in everyones warehouse so can save or use or sell as gm's feel free to hand out.
  11. 1. southwest 2.no 3.multiple lag spikes lasting several seconds many times over 5minutes 4. pve in ios, toi, sos
  12. like title says, looking for all the ways to increase patt and p crt dmg.
  13. man..if some peeps dont like you in "this" game they can kill you forever and its fine...better get some friends to fight back.
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