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  1. there is already go to reward coins and go straight down .. 500 Silver coins = 1 S.rune
  2. that's the preview) full patch notes should come soon
  3. is D grade weapond , amigo
  4. ON GLUDIO SERVER !!! OMEGALUL gz for the incoming ban !
  5. go with a lv 40 char to fight a lv 76 and see what happend)
  6. are u saying all this people crying doesnt use 3rd programs? all my friends doesnt use around 30-40 in giran server and they never got any issue ..
  7. the real question is , 1st time playing mage?
  8. i havent meet someone who has been banned due to suspicious activity and its not using any kind of 3rd program .. if u are getting ban its because u are using them and now u lossed ur account and come here to cry about it , stop using these programs and u'll be able to play normaly without any kind of problem .. soon sieges , gg !
  9. there is NPC , as same for many more things for the future of the srv .. but there is no quest yet , otherwise people in my clan is already blue in clan window and they arent
  10. sopa de macaco 100% delicia tell me about how u think there are quests when u not even reached 76 and in the patchnothes say (everything from 70+ is deleted) 0IQ
  11. it started to happend to me aswell ..
  12. u havent got 76 and u know the quests are there , omegalul .. nice joke buddy , there is on giran lv 76 since 1 week ago and there's no quest yet ..
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