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  1. Hey guys, Thanks for your responses. Sorry kittea, I am out of TI. I didn't realize how easy it was to join a clan and the bonus with it. Trying that out now. I miss the old days of shouting Wiz LFG lol New party system seems useless.
  2. Hello again! I know there is social-distancing and stuff going on. Like to asking any suggestions to find some peeps between LVL 25-35 that would like to party up. One of the things I liked about the game before. Now I can't tell a player from a bot and talking with the community is cut off due to my level. Any advice would be appreciated again!
  3. Crafting beyond NG

    Hey gang, I am a returning player and I have set up shop in TI. The first go around I didn't do much with crafting, this time I am having fun with it. NG stuff was pretty easy to put together, but I am noticing D grade is like hitting a wall. Chances of spoil/drop key parts are insanely low and to make it worse you need like 5-7 of them as well. Like 0.1-0.5% chance. How do you craft anything above NG? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!