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  1. Hello everyone! Forum lacks features, like to delete a forum topic/post so I could redo it better. How can I go about requesting the admins to do that for me? Thanks in advance!
  2. Bottleneck is correct! I got a limit of 30 member slots, and the reality is any serious active player is going to have 2-4 accounts. Then we trying to make room for a new set of recruits which takes weeks to flush out if they are even active or responding enough to keep. Like "Oh wait let's create a second level 3 clan, give it the same clan tag". Put our low levels in it, and keep high levels in the main one. Then we come to find out there is no way at all to get to clan level 3 anymore, so if we go with that idea. They lose out on all the bonuses they could get with clan level 3 or higher
  3. Hello everyone! I have been very fortunate to come back to the game when I did and got my clan to level 3 before all this happened. My clan ready to push for level 4 or possibility 5, but we can't do anything. New clan system saying we can only get exp from monsters and clan raid quest. OK what monsters can we defeat to get clan exp? Clan raid quest looks interesting, let me check it out. OH WAIT you need to have an alliance to even start to do the arena! Imagine I just started the game right now and I was ambitious to create my own clan and get some people into it. Then I found that
  4. Howdy all, I got my alt clan to level 3 finally. Using titles and set my clan crest. I spotted a place for the clan mark. I have no clue what it is and I am not able to find any info on it. Any help be great! Thanks!
  5. Ain't that the truth. Hard to find actual players behind their toons to interact with.
  6. Hey guys, Thanks for your responses. Sorry kittea, I am out of TI. I didn't realize how easy it was to join a clan and the bonus with it. Trying that out now. I miss the old days of shouting Wiz LFG lol New party system seems useless.
  7. Hello again! I know there is social-distancing and stuff going on. Like to asking any suggestions to find some peeps between LVL 25-35 that would like to party up. One of the things I liked about the game before. Now I can't tell a player from a bot and talking with the community is cut off due to my level. Any advice would be appreciated again!
  8. Hey gang, I am a returning player and I have set up shop in TI. The first go around I didn't do much with crafting, this time I am having fun with it. NG stuff was pretty easy to put together, but I am noticing D grade is like hitting a wall. Chances of spoil/drop key parts are insanely low and to make it worse you need like 5-7 of them as well. Like 0.1-0.5% chance. How do you craft anything above NG? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
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