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  1. Fair and Justice

    To be Fair to all, GM should reconsider their option Permaban Castle Leader that knowing it was Violation to Code of Conduct #18. Follower should get 3/7 days due to following orders from the Castle Leader. It has been said many of times. It is really unfair that this a cycle and it is injustices. Wyvern, Jump Skill and Teleport Books. What's next Wynn's summoning skills, Sagittarius Agathion Charm. Quote: Posted March 6 Greetings Adventurers, It has come to our attention that many players have been exploiting inaccessible locations of the game. These locations have been used to create unfair advantages not intended by the game. We will be adjusting a few game systems to prevent further abuse due to these terrain exploits. Using game exploits is a violation of our Rules of Conduct. Any players found exploiting the game by any means will result in actions taken against their account(s). If you have any inaccessible spots in your My Teleport bookmarks, please remove them. Thank you for your cooperation Hope this is not a duplicate post