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  1. Blazing swamp mobs drop average 380-500 adena. Mobs in Ants nest drop average 500-800 adena.
  2. Orfen Earring lvl3

    The passive bonus is incorrect, its says earring restores 3% back HP after damage made. It should be MP, not HP.
  3. It's a nonsense ban, and im pretty sure its related to using same CC or paypal across MORE than 3 accounts.
  4. I actually have to vouch this. Accounts are being locked due to using the same Credit Card/Paypal on different NC accounts. or if you create multiple accounts i've heard some get locked aswell. And it is a huge step back for such a competetitive game to have your accounts locked for a few days. Some people in my clan have had their accounts locked for almost 10 days counting now and still can't get their accounts unlocked. No bots, nothing. Just because one person bought coins for a few supports in his party. Can you fix this?
  5. Mass ban is a new event?

    Better stop botting ! or you'll be next soon !
  6. When is SSC and BSSC on cash shop??, Hope it will be soon Ty ty
  7. This is why I decided not to run for president, it is such a hard job to keep everybody happy. To those crying : if u havent realized allready, this classic version is not based on the EU one, but on the Asian version. "Based" does not mean exacly the same. It means it is a similar version of it. The EU one, offers better adena rates, drop rates, and etc, that's why if u log there, everybody has sets +6 or higher, and weapons +10 or higher, adena is way easier to achieve and also to buy it is way cheaper. Here with current rates, now that it is boosted a bit, adena will always be expensive / of high value, which also means OE'd weapons and armors wont come with much ease, and it also gives alot more value to our current market, item trading, etc. Another thing, currently on TI, the 50%(or more) population is South American based. With the current economy situation going on, some (probably alot) of players from various countrys would not be able to play if this server would be subscription monthly. So that is one of the main reasons imo, ncsoft decided to launch F2P and like every business, it is made to make money. So they need the cash shop for it. To those who keep crying ; They have allready made millions from these servers, so just do yourself a favor and quit if you do not enjoy playing here, or make formal suggestions and wait it out, rather than spamming the forum with "OMAYGOD CHANGE RATE TO MY LIKING OR IM OUTTIE BB" That Is all, thank you for reading.
  8. Bye bye BOTs I'm done

    Thank you, my friend. Less queue for me. I hope many, many people follow you by doing the same. That would mean even less queue. And when TI dies, they will merge gludio in here, and when it dies then, they will merge Aden here, so i am guaranteed alot of L2 for a long time. keep quitting, ty Edited just now by aYotech
  9. Throwing the towel

    Thank you, my friend. Less queue for me. I hope many, many people follow you by doing the same. That would mean even less queue. And when TI dies, they will merge gludio in here, and when it dies then, they will merge Aden here, so i am guaranteed alot of L2 for a long time. keep quitting, ty
  10. when the adena was messed up at the start of the server, the fix was adressed within a week, on this forum you have threads from up to 2 weeks ago asking for this fix, why you taking so long? also, the queue for new players without VIP is 600+ daily, it takes like 4-5h to log, we won't get new players like this, why don't you just change the boxing limit from 3 -> 2 and put 1 simple GM to check bots in game for 2 hours everyday. very simple solution and everybody will be able to play, with or without VIP
  11. Great, let's put the server down at peak time, to fix an issue for 0.01% of the server pop that's over level 60. Let's keep adena/drop/spoil bleeped which affects over 50% of the server.
  12. so according to your logic, it is ok for a level 15 mob to drop the same adena as a level 55? even tho top no grade weapon is worth , 250k, and top C grade is worth 15kk
  13. if you sum 1+1, you get the answer to your own question
  14. Raid bosses

    Raids are a very fun part of the game, both because it's a way to exp/get items different than hunting mobs or questing. Requires a few group of people. ATM raids are unkillable unless if you have like 7 partys cause otherwise it fully heals at 70% if u dont hit 300 times, also it takes forever cause of the amount of p/def/m/def they have. so they should get nerfed a bit, in 1.5 they used to be way easier than they are here. they are almost unkillable atm. Raids back in L2 c3/c4 chronicles were way easier than this. They should go back to that. SO people raid again and start pvping for them. imo this "raid boss ud" should be removed, so people can start killing them. even if it takes 1h.
  15. wtb adena boost fix for 40+ areas.
  16. Mobs level 65-70 Dark Red (Blazing Swamp) are dropping 300-500 adena. Mobs level 50 White (Cementary) are dropping 200-400 adena. Mobs level 28 White (Orc barracs) are dropping 300-400 adena. ??? also, raids are unkillable cause of this boosted pdef/mdef and if you dont hit 300 times in 15s it fully heals. this wasnt like this in 1.5
  17. Anything new in L2 Store soon?

    c grade shots/bss ty
  18. fix adena Enchanted Valley

    They fixed adena rates for mobs -50 and DV. Not the rest of the zones. I'm hoping come wednesday they fix the rest of the adena for 50+ level zones. also for 2x/3x/4x hp mobs. as level increases, you USE more adena, considering shots are more expensive, gear is more expensive, etc etc, so adena per mob has to INCREASE, not remain the same or/ be less. doesnt matter if server is with subscription, or not, if its eu or not, if its illegal server info or not, this is basic lineage. stop arguing other stupid stuff on this thread please.