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  1. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    So, because NC decided (unwisely) to get into the business of selling EXP items ...instead of a subscription model.... any decision that affects EXP unequally to their playerbase outside of normal game mechanics is unjust and their playerbase has legitimate concerns to complain.
  2. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

  3. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    This is worse than not touching it, because it affected different players unequally. You'd be better off to reverse the "fix" so everyone is equal.
  4. Almost 100 days since launch..

    six months was their standard release schedule in the original game, seems reasonable to me.
  5. Can you not write in orange against a beige background?
  6. Trade cancel hack scam

    Sucks, and very understandable to make the mistake. Also, the player did not break any rules, a scumbag for sure, but not a ruler breaker by any means imo. I rarely trade gear anymore, mails are much more secure since you can pull the recipient from your friends list. Take it as a tough lesson. Now I do have the habit of accidentally mailing COD things without the COD part....
  7. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    I mean honestly, this affects everyone equally, I don't think it even matters whether or not they adjust it. Be thankful you caught up in some SP at 55.
  8. I remember when I was an unemployed student, too. Them days was hard, got to make money to eat man. I can't hate on those guys for blasting through levels and content, playing 18 hours a day to eat. You do what you got to do. Life is tough sometimes.
  9. In most places, the game does not feel very rewarding to farm, and that's a problem. The double weekend boost was okay, but still below acceptable (normal) levels of reward for activity. That's a minimum and it should be on 24/7. Not only weekends, and only last month.
  10. Heavy server lag and enchant bug

    That should have been obvious when you started seeing craft-only weapons going above 10 reliably.
  11. Something is wrong with exp table

    It's actually good, by the time most people get to 55 they are SP starved by overhit/scroll usage, even by 56 I'm guessing most players won't even get 1/3 of their skills, even with the increased table. I wouldn't worry much about it, it actually helps you.
  12. because they removed item drop on death, there is nothing you can effectively do to police bots occasionally you will be able to train and kill them, but the more advanced ones have scripts to auto tap to town, run back and rez and continue. They are not even there, so you don't cost them any grief and delete your time and exp/adena trying. In short, until NC does something it's hopeless. One of the most effective ways to deal with mage bots in low level zones is to PK their summon twice. You gain Karma (but not a PK count) and will die for it, but they have an 80 minute cooldown on the pet, and without which they will go out of mana within a minute of starting up again. By killing their pets you increase their downtime by like 400%. This is what I did in EG and it was well worth 10 deaths to remove the pets from the 5 mage bots who were on top of me. Made the exp back in just a few mobs per death.
  13. OP has no idea how bots work, the first time that happened the mob's ID would be recorded and a bot would never touch it again. It would end up punishing real players.
  14. VIP 4 is utterly useless

    @jukky did you party these characters? if you did the VIP drop bonus would be split between them so you would not notice a difference. But I agree, VIP4 is not worth the money because the deadweights can still play with the same benefits while not supporting the server costs. VIP4 should simply reproduce 1.0x (Skelth) drop rates and call it a day, people would pay for it and there would be no additional need of cash flow for NC. Even on the weekend with VIP4 party and 50% drop rate server boost, drops are still roughly 2/3 of what they should be.
  15. put the box on VIP4 and the dd on VIP0, take VIP4 out of party occassionally, but then you are being inefficient with your money But, honestly as @Dhol said, it won't matter much in the long run. Our dd's are all vip4, our supports are 2-3 (except 1) and the difference of their exp is more about how much they die than their VIP. Our elder has VIP4 and is the lowest level of all the characters, because it gets the worst rez %.
  16. can't wait for Goddard content, I will be at peace with my L2 self.
  17. /attack bugged since some weeks

    This might be the issue when you are spamming the attack button while changing targets. The client gets confused and brings you back to your last target. It's worse at higher latencies. Since I changed to Fiber I no longer have this bug. I'm guessing you are > 100 ping to the server, so you have to allow for that time-window before hitting attack on a new target. Not exactly a bug, more like lag
  18. Post-Maint Bug: Sin Eater

    So, a little more information on this topic. The quest is still functional, but requires 30 B grade gemstones (as it use to), even though the NPC says 5 as the OP screenshot says. I wasted 25 B gems rip
  19. Sin Eater Quest rollback

    Hello, @Juji A few weeks ago the Crumbs of Penitence quest requirements ((1-90) from the Dark Judge in Hardins Academy) were changed from 30 Gemstones-B to 5 Gemstones-B as mentioned in the weekly maintenance patch notes as posted by @Hime This change functioned as intended at the time. https://imgur.com/a/xJ3ESYL Now, the quest still says it requires 5 B-grade Gemstones, but when you accept the quest, it requires 30 B-grade Gemstones (like it use to) and removes them from your inventory, see the screenshot, which was taken on 12/09/2018 (tonight). This is obviously a bug and someone owes me 25 Gemstones-B Thank you for acknowledgement and eventual fix or at least information.
  20. VIP 4 box with two VIP 0

    I suspect the OP is correct you can really tell with 200% runes on retail, I do not see why it would function any differently If you have one out of 7 people on 200%+ drop rune on retail you dont notice increase, but if you have 1/1 you will, or 7/7, or whatever. It diminishes the return if everyone is not on it.
  21. indeed botting was less of a problem mostly due to the PK system and a subscription barrier to entry bring both systems back it will do wonders.
  22. Game is fun!

    Wish I could agree, not really fun, no. But it has a lot of potential that is easily managable.
  23. SAD FACTs

    VIP bonus is a much more sustainable and viable option hope they take notice.
  24. SAD FACTs

    This is something nobody is talking about and is interesting to me. I use to calculate which mobs were the best SP back when I started playing heavily in C3. Raids were approximately 1:9 SP to XP ratio, by far the best SP in the game especially if you consider the high mortality rate of raiding. normal mobs were anywhere from 1:10 to 1:18 depending on overhitting or not. Now rates are roughly 1:30 to 1:60 for both raids and normal mobs, depending if you overhit or not and your party size with overhitting. This means that now, if you hit level X, you'll have roughly 1/4 of the SP that you would have had, ceterus paribus compared to C3. It's kind of crazy how SP starved we are, though this is the least of their problems. This applies equally to VIP and non-VIP accounts, which is the truly crazy thing. NC could provide +100% SP bonus to VIP4 accounts as an easy source of revenue and it would help balance the game better as well as provide a solid incentive for maintaining VIP, which they currently lack.
  25. Another Bot thread

    I did a test while in EG: Out of 18 characters, 11 of them were solo nukers with pets who followed this behavior: If you pk their pets they try to kill you, but if you run far enough they continue hunting, if you get a bit closer they come after you again, if you back off they hunt again (auto kill red, limited range). They sit with no pets due to lack of mana, rinse and repeat. The remaining 7 characters belonged to 4 players that looked "live" to me.