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    wonder who this X guy is. Who do we know who always put X at the start... or the end of their name. Hmmmmmmmmm
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  3. I do not believe that is accurate. The way level caps worked historically is you could not go beyond cap + 100% exp until they raised it.
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    never was in RR
  5. Drop on Death

    That's understandable. As I recall there was a very long period of time where you could not drop any augmented items (like weapons). This mostly prevented the scenario you create. That's actually preferable to me personally. I agree, dropping your weapon can be game ending, whereas dropping other things are generally more tolerable. In reply to the other guy who said bots log out -- Good, that's a win. Bots are not a problem for you when they are logged out. Changing these kinds of game mechanics is anything but "classic" L2. It's the watered down version of an otherwise great game.
  6. Why P2W Classic?

    I'm curious how it will be. Because most players in old ancient L2 were horrifically bad and inefficient in everything they did in game. I doubt it'll be that hard to be competitive for those willing to commit to it like we had to before. That said I can't play twelve hours a day anymore, so it's certainly going to be an interesting experience and perhaps enlightening. Not saying that I'm going to be like I used to be, but the fundamentals of the game have not changed so it shouldn't be that bad. I'm optimistic but I feel like NC is going to shit on my happy train and ruin it just like retail.
  7. Which one is for people not from poor countries
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    it's coming