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  1. This requires a change in incentives for the VIP program to increase revenue without ruining the game. - Adena/Spoil/Drop rates +100% (or whatever % to match C1 rates) for VIP4, force the game into effective pay to play, to avoid the pay to win that is coming. For every character, you need X GMs, free players do not pay for GMs, you need to convert free players into paying players via incentives. No other way to do it. Any company in the world cannot hire more staff without more revenue, it's that simple. - Fix the mob adena scaling problem in general.
  2. Now what?

    This statement applies to so much and people never do it Well put. I also have significantly reduced buying coins and am letting all of my VIP fall except one character atm. And I'm not sure how long that one will last.
  3. VIP really needs to affect Adena (and Spoil) drops, and it needs to be far more than 50% to make the game playable with the current base rates. My party is functioning just fine, but not even a small minority of the playerbase can play like at that level. The game has a non-functioning economy at this point and progression is masochistically difficult. It should not take leveling multiple-alts or deleveling main characters to progress in the game, it makes no sense from a developmental point of view. Also, are you going to farm 1 mill adena on alts when progression costs 100mill and not 5? Good luck making 100 characters to level 40. The leveling alts solution functions just fine at D grade and even somewhat at C grade. It is a solution that does not scale into the later game though, because Adena rates are broken. Most people who are geared at this point are either in the 2 raiding alliances or are buying adena. There are exceptions but they are few. Even worse, the lowest level mobs drop the most adena when you consider effort involved to hunt them. This is a botters paradise and people who enjoy buying adena will obviously defend it as ideal. The reason they are not banning bots fast enough is that the botters lose nothing, if they lose 9 accounts they can be back up in running in the same spot in under a day. This is unsustainable. If Adena scaled properly with mob level then botters would have a far more difficult task, and demand for adena purchasing would be far lower as players could progress naturally.
  4. pk scroll tradeable ?

    If this is true, this is a huge problem. @Juji @Hime Can you confirm if pk scrolls purchasable through the L2Store are tradeable? This adds a direct pay-to-win function and will cause a huge exodus if it stays.
  5. Many Many Issues

    Incentives create the demand and supply, more specifically. They have to address the incentive mechanisms (free to play specifically)
  6. Make VIP 4 Worth it

    The simple problem is the current benefits of VIP is not acceptable to a large portion of the population using it. Honestly if you like it or not, that's the truth, you cannot force someone to feel incentives that don't exist. Boost VIP in some ways or people will stop paying for it. I've already let it fall from 4 to 3 on my alts and I see no difference whatsoever. This is a huge concern for NC, probably one of their largest ones aside from general security.
  7. It's always been my theory that it was their excuse to ban someone who was otherwise violating the rules or was seen as a threat when they do not want to reveal their detection methods. I knew a grand total of two people ever "banned" for that, and both of them had bought adena at some point in the recent past. It sounds like they were worried about multiple payment methods and potential chargebacks. Maybe one of those cards was related to RMT, or other things. Possibly one of the people on your account was playing at an internet cafe outside of US/EU. They do ban for that. I am pretty sure they don't actually care about account sharing, but who knows.
  8. How to Multibox ..

    Looks the same as a nostromo to me, which provided you are not afk is fully legal and always has been. Now with the added bot report abusable function, people just report boxes that are autofollowing (and not even doing anything), because they are jealous or have no idea what's going on in the game. It's annoying, but if you keep the left side of each window visible it's not a problem to deal with. It's only hard to notice when you are using 2+ PC's, if the 2nd one is out of direct LOS.
  9. Beast Shots Are No Joke

    In the original game, which is what mobs are based off of, summoners did not have shots, pets took between 10 and 90% of exp, and they constantly "ate" Crystals. NC never "balanced" the class to take into account soul shots, but they added them anyways. So what that means is the class is pretty balanced without shots, and with, it's overpowered. You have it easy, summoner is easily the 2nd most OP class (economy-wise) in the game except for Warlord right now. Also in the later game you won't care about that cost. These complaints kind of blow my mind.
  10. Servers dying?

    the price of beast soul shots will not kill the server
  11. @Hime Hello again! You mentioned you are reviewing options with Devs. Care to share any potential details you are considering?
  12. some variation of this would be ideal, including adena/spoil rates I desperately hope this will be their solution.
  13. Known Issue: VIP Daily Box Tier 1 Missing from the Store

    leave it out and take away all the other paid items as well bring back pay-to-play, make your jobs more simple and the game better
  14. Estimated calculation of GK

    Yeah. Its a conflicting system and creates stress where there should be very little. I want people to look six months in advance, where there are 1 or 2 top alliances. If there is no barrier to porting your entire clan across the map instantly, why would anyone keep up wars? This will kill pvp like nothing else, which is the point of the game. Other games have better content or servers or administration. Small, medium, large chaotic pvp is where L2 is king and always has been. Gatekeeper free would single handidly kill pvp more than anything else in this game, because any pvp that lasted longer than 10 seconds would be impractical unless you are in the top clan. It's literally the same problem but slightly less obvious problem than "My Teleports." Ask anyone who played Chronos, My teleports along with GK fees that did not matter completely killed PVP. Think outside the box and the problems are obvious.
  15. dont do the dailies, if you like the aden ones, hunt around aden. You can do it from level 35+. I agree it was stupid to start the server without costs, but we have to deal with it now, and in a year those small advantages will not matter. Efficient play will matter more than any small advantages in the first week a year from now. There's no reason to compound one dumb decision by extending it or making it worse with the same bad logic.
  16. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Gatekeeper teleport costs are making people log out at hunting zones. No event afking. Very simple solutions and effective.
  17. Make VIP 4 Worth it

    Strongly disagree with removing GK cost (maybe reducing it is okay), it makes the later game content (pvp, wars, etc) so watered down and it allows a single clan to utterly dominate everything with no opportunity cost at all. When people are talking about gatekeeper costs they are thinking very short-term and short-sighted. Aside from that I completely agree with all, nice post I would go one further to say the increase on VIP4 (or 5 or whatever) should be ~100%, that would put our server rates more closely in-line with Skelth (pay to play) rates. That just makes sense and it will make the economy more balanced. What the OP did not mention is that, if these type of changes are not made NC will be forced to add pay to win items, thus destroying the server.
  18. Estimated calculation of GK

    I think thats the point, you should not spend your two hours doing that; you are better off hunting for 1:55 near whatever your "base" town is, than spending 1:15 running back and forth and 45 mins hunting, I did precisely that yesterday and I won't do it again ever. Also this is far more fun and lucritive, so stop doing dailies they are a trap if you have limited play time. My party has already stopped doing all the dailies except FOM, and even that will be stopped once our sws is 46. It's just not worth it. The dailies need to be removed entirely, then this won't be a stressful change. The amount of ways free teleporting breaks the game far outweighs any costs.
  19. Estimated calculation of GK

    Quite literally the point. You should be minimizing this activity.
  20. Estimated calculation of GK

    mobs in DV dropping 400 Adena instead of 2000
  21. Estimated calculation of GK

    The GK should be tied to the adena rate, but it should not be free, to teleport should set you back financially, it should not be an insignificant cost. I am actually okay if they leave it on full cost, it makes localization in zones more effective. A short list of very important benefits: Less chance to get ganked by someone 10+ levels above you. Less chance of getting zerged in pvp. More value to pking people even with our screwed up system. More consequence to dying without rez. Less players afking in town, because they can't just port back. Less lag in towns. More value to weight+ bonus classes (dwarves, ee, hawkeye) More value to better con races (orc, dwarf, human). better economy with more dwarves. More variety to classes due to the above. More people will log out because they are afraid to afk in hunting areas and do not want to SOE + run back, therefore less queue. Smaller clans/solo/full parties better chance to defend exp spots, as the cost for "backup" is significantly increased. Players must choose their path wisely and plan out their adventures, they might choose not to go to the absolutely optimum spot. Which will create more variety of hunting spots More chance of finding ideal hunting spots unoccupied even with a high population server. More chance of finding "non-ideal" key mats due to those dropping in "less ideal" hunting spots that are actually being hunted. better economy overall with more variety of hunting taking place This gives an advantage to smarter players All of these things are good, the cost is time of running. Lets also remove the GK in general for sieging, who remembers those days? they were by far better.
  22. terrible idea Pay to Play is needed.
  23. the jugdment day is here

    Not at all, honestly. Prelude, level 36 had full brig, tarbar on my Orc Raider on Bartz when I quit. I was like seventeen years old, buying adena was out of the question. That was my second character after I quit my Palus Knight at level 22 because I got stuck in water and did not know about /unstuck, just to let you know about how much I knew about the game. All I did was hit monsters without soulshots for 30 levels. By the end of C1 I had BW light and a BOP +4 on my SR and was level capped at 60 (with C jewels), people who played Bartz remember the character HornyOne possibly. This was with a borrowed prophet box only. I also had no idea what I was doing in the game and played totally solo. I never joined a clan until near level 60. It only got easier to make money after prelude, so yeah.
  24. the jugdment day is here

    Tbh you were bad if that was the case, which I actually don't believe. In pure adena drops alone you should have had A grade by level 70 at worst in C3. I played a prophet in a melee duo which is not a good way to make money, and I had top D fists/tallum robes+heavy / Majestic Jewels and all tatoos at level 63. I did some market, but most of it was purely through hunting and I saved all mats for the Dragon Grinder craft. Nothing at all was difficult about obtaining gear back pre-GOD. Adena actually dropped properly and you could easily gear even being a total random without knowledge and not playing market. It was much more fun than this starving simulator we have now where if you don't have a warlord you cannot progress unless you are solo and ebay.
  25. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Simple solutions are often the best.