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  1. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    vip4 should have the most priority, then 3, then 2, then 1, if there are any slots left over, let vip 0 connect, if not, try another server sorry.
  2. Pk System Information request

    if you kill a player you lose 55,000 adena (chaotic) that's all you really need to know
  3. Weapon enchanting event that happened in the fall or summer of 2009 where you got scrolls from mobs and enchanted chronos for rewards. That was a lot of fun and made for good drinking games

    https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/barrierstoentry.asp https://www.economicshelp.org/microessays/markets/barriers-entry/ https://mises.org/library/understanding-barriers-entry Simply put, you're wrong. If Skelth got destroyed it had nothing to do with pay2play. There's many other factors at play, game management and development for a few.
  5. Truly free is a terrible business model and they need to change it or at least significantly modify it. You got the point, at least.
  6. @Hime @Juji The best and by far most cost-effective way to mitigate bots/adena sellers is making it unprofitable for them to do so from free accounts, or to remove free accounts altogether. With free to play, there is no capital investment aside from time (which most of the bot-controllers are in countries with very low time-value functions.. i.e. they have nothing else to do) for Adena sellers to do what they do. This is directly a result of the free to play model; combined with the fact that free accounts receive the same adena drops (and nearly the same item drops) as paid accounts makes the problem impossible to enforce from a logistics standpoint, which your team is facing daily. If you make free to play far less functional to farm adena than VIP, then bots will be forced to pay for VIP, which Increases your revenue directly. The more you ban, the more they re-create and purchase VIP for. You have direct incentive to enforce them instead of indirect incentive. It makes them go through more hoops to hide financial information from you, Allows you to link them together through said financial information (sometimes), Reduces the problem numerically (increased barriers to entry reduces numbers of firms in the market) to allow your GM team to more easily dispatch of those who are willing to take the risk with the increased capital costs. Getting 9 accounts VIP4 is quite a large capital investment for most adena sellers. It will absolutely reduce their number. There are many other benefits to pay to play, or to boosting VIP (and reducing free) rates so that they are incompatible and that long-term play (40+) is not plausible for free accounts. This is just one of the major benefits, but it may be the most important one. If you have a bot-free game you will attract more long-term players than any other business model (free, p2p, p2win, whatever) could do.

    It won't, but this appears to be endemic. It will collapse if it keeps happening. Trust is erroding, people are afraid to buy nccoins, afraid to open new accounts. They need to address this directly and soon.
  8. Delevel and Skills

    indeed it is, was joking anyhow
  9. waiting queue in lineage 2 ?

    Our servers at work handle 11 million unique visitors a month and we are a web facing MS SQL system with over a billion unique urls. We're not even using the highest level version of it and its from like 2014 or so. Has nothing to do with that. It's the code itself as you said.
  10. Took my friend 5 days to get 2 of his 4 back, still no explanation about the other 2 and it was all BS too. Good luck.
  11. I have heard of many cases where people are loading other games at the same time they wait in queues and getting blocked. Maybe causal, maybe not. Just trying to help. I am avoiding doing that personally, it could be related.
  12. Out of curiosity, do you have any "other" servers installed or any software related to them? Not related to this server, but others. I know of a few people who have been locked due to "dormant" software on their PCs.
  13. Stupid Event

    7 chars every day, 1 weapon, nothing else worth even vendoring. Not complaining about those results personally. I don't think it's that bad, at least not pay to win. There's always been "events" in L2. but I would rather have seen a participation based event, like pumpkins or enchanting or hunting based or pvp based events. Those events always affect the economy and that's okay its essentially part of the game as we know it, and also how it use to be. I remember the raid boss events in C3 or C4 was one of the most fun event, they exploded and everyone could loot because there were so many drops to pick up. Passive events are just stupid. It's loot boxes.
  14. An Update on Greater Dyes

    only archers need str in pvp. If you are "meleeing" people in pvp, you already lost.
  15. A response from the NC team would be good. It's fairly apparent that the XINCOD3 software or whatever it is is going haywire and banning legitimate accounts, there's just too many people here complaining for them all to be liars. We understand you are probably swamped with tickets about it... but you could do yourself a favor and publicly acknowledge if you see a problem on your end. @Juji @Hime Any information?
  16. Delevel and Skills

    4 lvls boys learn to read
  17. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    No, it's not. There was no transaction involved. Nothing was taken from you. If anything it's misleading advertising.
  18. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    This is ideal, but it won't stay this way.
  19. Mass ban is a new event?

    Its the same error as far as I know. How could they know?
  20. Mass ban is a new event?

    NC definitely has a problem with their auto-ban software it seems. It's going really whacky. The other day I referenced a guy who had 4 accounts locked for no reason. After a few emails (no replies) two are unlocked, two are locked. No explanation or information whatsoever. Who knows whats going on. I've heard of accounts that got locked, unlocked, then relocked. The software is going nuts.
  21. Level 40+ Adena Issue - My experience

    I had a 60 PR on Bartz in C1, what you said is categorically untrue. Not many good archers used daggers beyond level 45 back then, and the ones who did were part of mixed melee parties to take advantage of overpowered VR back in the day, daggers spend even more money on shots, especially without stabs or masteries. Remember parties were very whacky back then as nobody knew anything, and healing was very weak compared to VR. Plus, most people used no shots in those dagger-using parties, so it's kinda irrelevant as a comparison.
  22. What is the point of leveling?

    it shouldn't be in the game no doubt, but a vast majority of people have done it as much as you and gotten very little. You're also doing it on 4 chars, so divide your rate by 4 to consider "balance" issues.
  23. @Lightkeeper literally all of the problems you described go away with a pay-to-play model.
  24. I'd be willing to bet that far more than 50% of their playbase pays nothing. Lets see what the industry research says: "Seufert (2014, 154), in his book dedicated to the freemium model, mentions the rule of 5%, where 5% are monetized players. The vast majority of players do not bring money, creating costs for business, and the aim is to reduce these costs by increasing the number of premium players." https://www.theseus.fi/bitstream/handle/10024/134405/Goncharova_Elizaveta.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y According to this, if NC would keep 50% of their playerbase, they are literally sitting on a gold mine. Never make store items tradeable, there is a very specific and good reason they did not, once they start to do that people will leave in droves I would presume.
  25. Literally one of the prime reasons why L2 Live servers are such utter trash. Horrific idea, but thanks for sharing! The whole pay to win element needs to be removed with a subscription-based server, or at the very least make VIP absolutely necessary to play past level 40.