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  1. What is the point of leveling?

    just good luck, that's not normal or you're troll, either way, statistically irrelevant
  2. economy is perfectly balanced for the input supply will meet demand at an equilibrium based on inputs of supply and demand (notice I said conditional on the inputs... which should be changed imo). people will pay as much as they will pay for something it's actually that simple, in real life too.
  3. Yeah they put $50 by accident Thank god you noticed!
  4. Fyi if you have bot programs on your computer you potentially will get banned even if you don't use them on this server People we know have had a few cases of that, took a while to figure it out. It's justified too if you ask me.
  5. this is because VIP is not enough incentive enough for people to pay for it, so they have to look for alternate avenues of revenue. It does not matter our opinions on it, this is simple economics and following incentives that any business and customerbase does to survive. the next step will be capes, cloaks, brooches.... you guys asked for it by boosting free to play and not only VIP. Push for subscription-only servers before it gets worse.
  6. in 12 years of playing retail i never heard of one story, that in the end was not a legitimate cause for NC to ban an account (not saying it didn't happen, but obviously it was rare). in 1 month here i've heard of dozens from people who have no history with me of being less than ideal players
  7. Nope, I wouldn't bother with a ticket as they are swamped with inaccurately banned accounts right now. I have the same problem on my sws
  8. Free to play rates are lower by design to encourage VIP status problem is VIP status does not alleviate the issue at all Push for a subscription-only model to bring back true playable rates for everyone
  9. people will generally not pay for vip4 for very long once queues disappear then we will get pay to win, simple as that. pray for the queues to continue, and start applying to anyone under vip4 Queues are our best hope at them not destroying the game. How bleeped up is that?
  10. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Yes, if there's limited space they should prioritize paying customers.........duh? They have multiple issues going on, obviously advertising f2p game and not having space for even their paying customers is a problem that needs to be addressed, but it can't be addressed by denying access from paying customers. Those customers are paying for boosts and bonuses that count down while offline, directly not allowing them to connect for X period of time is essentially fraud. @banning cheaters: Those are entirely unconnected logic strings so I will ignore you, but I appreciate you trying.
  11. Better than pay to win directly
  12. An Update on Greater Dyes

    dillutes racial differences imo and we all know there are huge racial differences in L2
  13. What is the point of leveling?

    Sure, it will help you keep up. but you'll fall behind players who play efficiently, also you will get dumpstered on SP, the ratio of the mob/SP in that dungeon is extremely bad, and you get nothing if you don't get the 37m / 1.1m item, which is roughly what you get without overhitting mobs in most areas (27-34:1 in my limited testing). I wish it wasn't in the game but what can you do. At least it's not an instance, it's a quest you must do and compete with spawn for. So it's not that bad I guess, kind of like a permanent event.
  14. An Update on Greater Dyes

    c1 was a lot easier than this game honestly after about level 30, and more enjoyable more adena dropped but also you had the chance to drop gear every so often when you died exp was slower but that was a good thing
  15. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    @Infamous we can dream.
  16. demographic means from their customer profile perspective a customer that has multiple paid (VIP4) accounts is a high priority compared to free to play leechers or VIP1 single account users. You must be simple. I am so random
  17. Why would that matter? You must be a FOTM picker
  18. An Update on Greater Dyes

    mathematically speaking, having higher dye limits breaks certain skills by pushing them beyond their designed pre-awakening rates/limits also mathematically speaking, higher dye limits also reduces the differences between races by percentage. This is the type of thing that made GOD so garbage (aside from F2P). Combining of classes and ruining of the unique value of each race. Might as well offer race changes and break the game even more. It is absolutely a good thing they took it out, no question at all and the debate is really weak in the other direction, honestly.
  19. It has already been stated that the dataset they received was correct, based on free to play. You cannot compare the two directly. Their error was not making VIP alter that rate to match Skelth rates. For that to happen VIP needs to give about a 300% bonus to drops/adena/spoil to match Skelth rates. This is the f2p model on other regions and it works. NC is trying to do some weird combination which makes no business sense in the long term. I do not know why they are "cherry picking" mobs to alter drop rates, it must be an incredible amount of insignificant work. It would be much more simple to alter the VIP bonus, secure future and current revenue and call it a day. But perhaps there is information we don't know. Maybe @Juji and @Hime have no power over the base-drop rate or the VIP bonus and can only submit proposals for "smaller" changes and are doing it to work-around political problems in the company. We don't know and they sure won't tell us. Cut them some slack, but NC itself does not deserve it.
  20. There are no official C1-style servers, illegal servers are illegal, and classic was advertised as that to the NA audience. So you're offbase.
  21. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    No, it is not sane under any circumstances for them to prioritize non-paying customers over paying customers in any way, any CFO or CEO who proposed that would be run out of any company for obvious reasons. That's a PR problem if any, which is far lower on the priority scale than the company's bread and butter income. Are you simple? Besides, if enough people pay for VIP they will open more servers or expand capacity, do you think they will open more servers / upgrade hardware if there are more free players?
  22. Accused of Botting multiple times.

    ive gotten reported like 100 times I just complete the captcha and troll them and move on its whatever, side effect of that system that is unavoidable reduce the problem by removing free to play entirely and going with a subscription model
  23. @update the ticket number was 22606412 and it was "closed" due to not hearing back from the customer even though they never sent a reply out in the first place