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  1. forum trolls will always troll
  2. @Juji It is my belief that the fix you implemented before did work (for 40- zones). Spoil rates did about double, but they are still very low with VIP4. They are horrific at some 40+ zones I have checked. Prior to that change the rate seemed to be around ~10-20% of what l2classic Wiki (Skelth) rates were. After the change they are around 30-40%. This is consistent with your free data set, I think. The real problem here is the VIP bonus does not apply to Spoils or Adena, and also the VIP % bonus is too small. I believe that the reason why the rates you have are so low is it was intended as a hedge against adena farmers (for the same reason the rates are low on Live servers). The problem is VIP was not implemented with sufficient bonus to match Skelth rates for top VIP accounts. This way legitimate players can farm realistic amounts of adena and not feel the need to purchase adena from bots. Taiwan and Japan have these models as I understand. The effect of a higher VIP bonus with low base-rates is: To supply the economy and player progression, To increase "capital costs" for adena farmers, because they would have to be VIP to compete To reduce personnel overhead costs for NC for bot-management due to less bot accounts To starve out free "true" (non-bot) playersr beyond starter levels who do not purchase VIP, thus To incentivize players enough to purchase VIP. If you fail to boost VIP you will see revenues decline, the only reason most people are purchasing it now is to avoid the queue. Changing base rates will not save NC Revenue long term.
  3. You no like play spider simulator? You weak like dog.
  4. I've had a friend who never has done anything non-legit in his life nor would know how get blocked on 4 accounts the day after he bought NCCoins on his 4th (new) account with the same card he used on all other 3. He has received no reply for five days. Two of the four accounts were old, two them were new, all of them are VIP4 I believe. This is a priority customer demographic. Honestly, I'm afraid to buy NCCoins right now (I bet I'm not the only one) and that's a huge problem for NC. My wife and I have six accounts that are all VIP and it's starting to fall. Our group of friends that we play with have also ceased purchasing NCCoins out of fear of ban, because this has happened to a lot of people. Is there anything @Hime or @Juji can do? I can get his ticket # if needed.
  5. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Remove afk (then non-afk) free players to allow pay players to enter, no queue ever for VIP players, if that means no free players on the server, so be it. I guarantee NC will open more servers if 100% of the population is VIP. There is no sane reason at all for a paying customer to wait while a free player is connected. There is literally zero business justification to risking guaranteed income (current customer) by prioritizing it below potential income (free players). It's insanity.
  6. An Update on Greater Dyes

    Great change, just about anything that is more like legacy L2 rather than this classic frankenstein is good. @"Othells" -- obviously your opinion is based on GOD+ stuff or you would call them daggers
  7. you cant go past +5 stats

    old L2 is +5, that's just fine with me
  8. This mechanic still exists, it only exists with skills that do not require a target (as most higher level AOE's don't). You are 100% incorrect in your assumption there. But I understand your frustration. It's just amplified at 40- because everything requires target, therefore you cannot force someone to flag. The "quality of life" change to next target to allow players to only target monsters is also affecting this dynamic as well. (Terrible change) Due to the PK system being stupidly harsh penalties and free teleports, there's little point to PK and not a whole lot you can do other than get them to fight, win or lose. There are counter-griefing tactics that work well too, what works to grief you works to grief them too. I am particularly good at this part of the game so I don't generally have problems with griefers, but sometimes it's more difficult than others due to the current way the PK system works. Just yesterday we forced 3 parties of br's out of lizards by forcing them to pvp or die to mobs, 1 of those parties stuck around to try to grief us, but our dps beat theirs so they dispersed after about 20 minutes. One of the nukers stuck around to grief more and eventually he died to our party griefing him. That's the game, honestly. We knew all along we would win, because we knew we would outlast them no matter what. Sure it slowed us down, but not as much as 4 parties trying to exp in 1 spot. Essentially, the more patient person wins unless you are just completely over dps'd, unless you get creative which most players are not capable of doing or willing to do. If your party is much weaker, then well yeah you should lose the spot.
  9. SpOiL rate is...

    Spoil rate is pretty bad even in 30 zones. ~20 spoil activations (aoe), between 0-5 drops (quantity) on mobs with rates 60%+ for some things in Plains of Lizardmen. It's kind of insane how bad it is. Adena is even worse. VIP needs to affect both.
  10. Why i doubt ill be sticking around

    I have not gotten a full weapon drop making five chars to level 40 (all VIP3-4) of any grade. I do not think that is abnormal, they are quite rare. But aside from that I feel you. Adena drops and spoils being low is the main problem, regular drops are actually the least important part of the L2 economy.
  11. Why i doubt ill be sticking around

    that's kind of ironic, as drop rates are higher relative than adena or spoils XP is too high if you ask me but I don't think it matters a lot. Adena and spoils have to be fixed for sure, and for VIP only so it encourages people to pay VIP and thus NC has secure revenue.
  12. Why i doubt ill be sticking around

    @Laser I can't disagree with any of your points (frenzy really bothers me too). I still believe @Juji and @Hime are doing what they can, but I also believe they are considerably hamstrung which is a shame. This game can be so great with very small changes. I hope they reconsider doing a proper freemium or pay to play relaunch.
  13. Why i doubt ill be sticking around

    At this point the game is worth playing, mostly because the community managers @Juji in particular have proven that they care about the sustainability of the project and are doing what they can to limit Korea from destroying it. Retail and L2Revolution are huge jokes. I don't even consider L2R a game much less Lineage. It was nostalgic for a week and that was it. It actually got me interested in playing classic, but I had no interest to commit to L2R. You must be brain damaged if you like that game. I have some faith at least and will continue to play. I will keep VIP4 on a few accounts and hope that other people do as well, because NC has done some things right (not all) since the launch. I'd be happy to pay 6-7 VIP4 accounts if I thought it was really worth it over free play, but it's not right now. This is a huge problem for NC.
  14. obvious troll here but I'll bite I think most people just want rates like the L2 we use to enjoy 10 years ago. This is what was advertised to the NA audience, and NC is not delivering, yet.
  15. most of the people you see with that kind of gear bought adena anyways (not all) bots would not farm adena if there was not a market for it (cause and effect relationship)
  16. I feel as if it's a COMPLETE custom drop rate geared towards getting people to purchase VIP status to get increased rates of which simple math and statistics is showing that rates are basically unaffected by your status as a VIP. Hmmmmm.... It's almost like you are paying for nothing... Yea. This is correct, the VIP status has little effect. It needs to be ~200% bonus, affect adena as well as spoils to be near normal rates. People follow incentive, most will not pay for VIP4, which means the server will die without change, one way or another.
  17. Why i doubt ill be sticking around

    Honestly, the game isn't the old L2. It's some masochistic interpretation of it bastardized by a free to play version that without a doubt has ruined the MMORPG genre. In the old game, progression was pretty easy. Leveling was slow, but you could progress realistically by many different means. If you were efficient you could start with 10k adena and end up with millions having never left town. That's how I did it. They can still save it, but it involves making a freemium business model instead of the failed free to play model.
  18. pk system is horrible

    pk scrolls are horrific, however sin eater should be more relevant and the cost should scale with level right now its going to bankrupt someone to do a sin eater, that makes no sense. Also, if teleports were not free, pking has higher value.
  19. bad spoil rate affects everyone, free or not good luck getting B grade
  20. I shall repeat what I said above. Free to play" meaning free trial, free to play competitively forever, or whatever, is a semantical argument about words and also unimportant is your or my opinions on it. But yes that is known as freemium in software, and it works. Our version is garbage and does not work.
  21. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    If I pay $15/mo for my VIP account you better not kick it out or I will no longer be paying $15/mo. What those players are doing is actually not very relevant, what matters is who is a paying customer and who is a rentseeker.
  22. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Queue for VIP is unacceptable and horrible business. Free players are utterly irrellevant if your server is full of paid accounts.
  23. Multibox multipc

    yeah good luck playing it, it's far more difficult than playing 9 on one pc. Take it from someone with experience on both. I use to play 6-7 accounts every time I was logged into L2. Now I play 4 max due to that change. It had a large effect. I will expand to six but no more.
  24. This is called a subscription model, and we would have Skelth rates. Current rates (unadjusted, the ones from launch) are the intended rates that Japan and Taiwan currently have. But their VIP boosts those rates to Skelth levels (350% adena/spoil/drop rate for VIP7). The +350% essentially makes free-to-play rates = to Skelth Pay-to-Play rates. The effect of this is that if you want to be a competitive player on those servers, you pay the "subscription" fee of VIP7. You can play for free, but you pay for that free play with a huge handicap. This is the model we should have taken but did not for some reason. This makes those servers financially viable without pay-to-win L2store items. This is good. Low rates were completely intentional as there are only two data sets (free, and pay), though I don't think they thought it out very well or they would have changed VIP and let it be known well before launch that the game was going to be very difficult without VIP (though not impossible). Our current version does not provide enough incentive to pay for VIP4, which means that revenue will fall short and pay-to-win items WILL hit the shop. If you care about the server at all, actively ask NC to improve VIP. Even if you will not pay it, you will fall even further behind if they add pay-to-win items you cannot afford, not to mention the game will be ruined.