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  1. "Free to play" meaning free trial, free to play competitively forever, or whatever, is a semantical argument about words and also unimportant is your or my opinions on it. In practice, the business model is about converting free customers into paying customers, and retaining those paying customers in order to grow revenue and profit. So long as free players keep converting at a higher rate than paying customers quit, NC is successful. Marketing language should be adjusted if needed. Under the current situation, very little incentive exists to pay for VIP4 for a vast majority of players. This model will fail.
  2. You may agree with me but those are not my reasons. VIP bonuses should reset the server to proper (1x) rates, right now we are running around ~66-75% rates on most things. This is bad. Free play is meant to be a trial into paying, not sustainable forever at competitive levels.
  3. f2p accounts need forum block
  4. my VIP 4 accounts sat in a queue of 600 on the weekend for about an hour. This is unacceptable while free accounts are in the game. Competely unacceptable
  5. Become a paying customer and you may have a voice.
  6. I have had my free account online for 5 days.
  7. How about disconnect afk free players to allow your paying customers to enter the game :-) ? Fair solution imo.
  8. @Hime lets see VIP rates boosted so that more people will support the server and your salary/benefits :-) Start with VIP affecting adena/spoil rate rather than just drop rates, go with 50% and see how that goes. If not enough people buy VIP then increase that 50% to 70% or 100% or whatever %. Keep increasing it until enough people pay for the server upkeep. There should be no need to exceed normal (Skelth) rates, right now we are far under them. Do this to avoid adding items to the L2 store. We do not want that! Only adjusting one of them also creates economic imbalance within the game. Adjust adena/spoil/drop rates precisely the same, either universally or VIP. From a business perspective, free play should always push players towards becoming paying customers, if free play is sustainable indefinitely people will not push themselves to become your paying customers and will be net liabilities to you. We don't want you guys to have to boost the L2store with game breaking items.
  9. pk system in c3 was definitely the pinnacle of L2
  10. I am starting to think they need to entirely redo the launch with pay to play. This free to play has so many problems and they will never do the right business decisions to make it work long term. It's almost like they lack an MBA, Econ Major, anything related.... in the entire company. I don't get it.
  11. easy solution is to make the game entirely unplayable as non-VIP, limit level to 40, something. Then it becomes de facto pay to play, and pay to win things are no longer needed.
  12. VIP 4 should change drop/spoil/adena to 1x rates. They did the right thing with drops, but without the other two it will create imbalance, also not enough people will buy it and they will have to open up other avenues of revenue, and we all know what that means. This is independent of what the non-VIP rate is and is obvious. We also do not need a huge topic or long drawn out discussion about it.
  13. only for VIP and dropping base rate further and also increasing vip rate to be 1x all
  14. Agreed, planning on VIP1 myself.
  15. 2 NEW Classic servers!

    The invisible hand will cause the bots to lower their price to the point where it is no longer profitable for them, I think that's what you meant by $3 as being that value. Yes, NC could force the bots below their "shutdown point" ($3/10k adena in your scenario). But what would the effect be on the game? I sure woudl not play and I bet a majority of the people playing now would not either. For the same exact reason people don't play Live servers, people do not play live servers just because of the bad content, it's about p2win as much as anything. NCSoft selling adena (for any reason) is p2win by any measure.
  16. 2 NEW Classic servers!

    that was actually precisely my point? free to play bots have no investment (zero barrier to entry), with pay to play, they have a barrier to entry. It sounds like we're saying the same thing different ways. It actually fits within theoretical economics very well in this situation, as most things in economics are considered all else equal which in this case is actually true, in that there are essentially no other barriers to entry for bots.
  17. 2 NEW Classic servers!

    Not hating on you, lets look at the effect though. In actual terms it would not kill adena sales unless the value NC priced the adena at was too low for bots to make any profit off of, and then you would have rampant inflation. Effectively you will create a price ceiling, which using the above example will reduce GDP. Translate: less RMT, Given that those bots live in very very poor countries, the idea of eliminating them is almost impossible through that mechanism, it would reduce a lot of it though, ceterus paribus. But it would also destroy the game, so that's a no go imo.
  18. 2 NEW Classic servers!

    You are right, but if you lower the volume of bots it becomes more manageable to manually enforce those who make it through. On F2P servers that task is impossible and does not scale with labor very well. The trick is finding the balance. Thanks
  19. 2 NEW Classic servers!

    To the contrary, this is actually a textbook lesson in micro (and macro) economics. If you raise the barriers to entry, less firms will enter the market, and less GDP will result. To translate that to the current discussion, if you have pay to play, the higher the pay wall, the less bots will farm and the less RMT will happen (you could graph it in theory). This is pretty much the rule of the universe and absolutely true.
  20. As was said in the other thread (not sure why you need another)... More Euros need to spend more Euros then NC will make one. Servers, Maintenance are not free, nor development, nor customer support. Sure enough, spend more you will get more. Problem is that server is full of deadweight f2pers otherwise they would be on Skelth.
  21. You are absolutely right, and soon there will be far less queues and VIP subscriptions will drop immensely. If the free drop rate was 0.25x and VIP bonus was 300% (like Taiwan, Japan), you'd pay for VIP to have normal gameplay. See the problem coming? I do.
  22. 2 NEW Classic servers!

    I believe this is a coping mechanism that is attempting to address a botting issue and meant to put a ceiling/floor to RMT trading. RMT by itself is not inherently harmful, because it maintains game balance if the money was not botted out of nowhere. Again the analogy of a player quitting and giving away their gear or selling it has no different effect on game balance. That's a zero-sum game either way. The proper way to address bot farming is through enforcement and technology not by changing game mechanics that breaks the game. That's the "easy" button but it destroys the games in the long term. Diablo is a well documented and perfect example. NC is selling their antibot technology to other firms, so it is apparently technology that is their way to address bots. The problem is on a free to play server, bots have no cost of entry, so they will keep returning as long as they can survive long enough to make a profit (less than a day). So in order to prevent botting on f2p servers you either need nearly perfect enforcement, or a combination of solid enforcement with a barrier to entry (pay2play).
  23. we should have the same data as Skelth, so therefore the adena should match for VIP4 accounts. regardless of what it is in live servers. VIP0 accounts should be roughly 66% of Skelth rates given the +50% boost for VIP4. But if VIP bonus does not apply to adena, the value of VIP is very low, which will lead to cancelled subscriptions and pay to win items to make up for lost revenue.
  24. If that's true, that's a huge problem @Juji any information you can share to clarify? It absolutely should be lower for F2P. The VIP4 status should give roughly the same rates as a pay to play server for proper game balance. Whatever the % of drop bonus over F2P it is does not matter so long as it equals 1x in the end. That % is more of a business decision for NC than a balance decision (how much to water down the F2P experience vs VIP). If VIP does not apply to adena drops and only normal drops you're going to have a overflowing economy with drops that waters down the game pretty bad. Though anything is better than what we had at launch.