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  1. the time now is perfect, dont change nothing , just a few grandpa want RMT blood . the best option is remove them from game like jewel chest . no bot, no real money trader
  2. people with many years crying like children because the swords change 90 min, by god these people became addicted to spend money in the game just to kill mobs . it's fun to play 50 vs 5 every night ?hopefully this will allow more people and these events . nagnar you are not European? or did the people who make real money with the game ask you to come to the forum to cry? in chronos there are more european and south american people than north american, this is a benefit, I hope it will motivate the server. there are 15 grandparents in nova that find it fun to play a server with numeric
  3. the gms to ban for saying "virgin" in chat, to remove bans for bot because there are 50 weasels crying move very fast, but to make a positive change in the server they have to send smoke signals to korea and wait 5 years for the answer
  4. the current pvp system is a joke, ncsoft should listen more to the players.is why we are the least crowded server compared to the other official servers?
  5. if they changed the first swamp for the people of europe, they should also let them play swords.
  6. 100% agree, this game now is mass report and war screenshot !!!
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