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  1. I'm a Maestro and Eva's Tank, the reason why i went this route so i don't have to worry so much about switching so much gear. I use heavy armor which both classes r needed for, i probably should change a different weapon with tank. But i can surive just fine with the setup i have atm. I was a Spoiler but since the spoil is all different, didnt think it was worth it, plus i would need different gear setup. But remember ur main has to be mastero, u cant do a dual class as that.
  2. U need high lvl members and high end gear to kill, but how do we get that if we cant kill a single boss to get the items. I do believe the clan raids need to make it easier for lower to mid range ppl to get to compete with the high end gear ppl and big spenders. And it's already tough enough to get enough ether to craft something and then its only a 60% chance its going to succeed. Maybe put in a offer system to make it 100% like the abundance talisman.
  3. Not too long ago, in the past when a xp event's came up didn't MS and LB drop clan to go to other clan's to avoid wars. So really in all reality they are just doing the same thing but a 14 man clan is winning against at least a 42+ man clan, then something must be wrong on ur end.
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