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  1. have you suffered a recent blow to the head?
  2. I've raised this question before but was told it was part of the hardcore experiance that ppl want. Now that the hardcore ppl hit 40+ the situation change maybe.
  3. Bend over and accept the l2store Only buffscrolls allowed.
  4. Perhaps something more reasonable that can be done with a clan and appropriate levels. Say 4 full groups +- at the current state it's a pointless gimmick. If the objective was to eliminate RMT'ers to spawn kill them. Mission accomplished i guess.
  5. I suppose the business case is that were not allowed to have buffs, but should p2w and get scrolls from the NC store eh? well played NCsoft "truly free"
  6. I'm unsure if you cant or if you wont understand the issue, perhaps a bit of both. I don't mind working for my stuff that is part of the l2 charm if you like. The reason i' raising the question is that given the adena drops are 50% of what they should be it leads me to believe that the mobs in question have their drop table reduced with 50% across the board. If this applies to the spellbooks aswell that should apparently have 0,01 - 0,05% drop chance, then my own humble opinion is that its a bit to harsh. Personally i think they thoroughly messed up the drop table with the VIP sys
  7. And in your opinion, how many weeks or perhaps months seems fair to spend farming books for your level 40 skills? In regard of not maxing out the first month perhaps they should remove all the boosted xp instead of screwing up a perfectly good game?
  8. Is the 40+ spellbook drop rate working as intended, or is it just another way for NCsoft to abuse the community?
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