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  1. Simple solution to this problem: 14 day penalty to leave and rejoin clans. Ban any person in below 14 member clans who use this exploit to abuse the PvP system and PK players.
  2. These 14 member clans were created and used to abuse the pvp system to cause extra XP loss to enemies they killed in PVP and PK. On many occasions, they had help from another clan that has war open with the killed players’ clan to prevent the player from getting a resurrection. This is another exploit and considered harassment.
  3. GMs should also consider fixing the issue with programs while they work on a fix and solution for this 14 clan member exploit.
  4. I’ve seen these people who hide in 14 member clans brag and laugh about their situation and exploit. They PK PVP clan members, then mock them for not being able to open war. They are not in these 14 member clans as a method to prevent being griefed, rather they are the ones who actively grief others by PK and proudly admit they are exploiting while mocking PVP clans that they can’t war them back. There is evidence of this if you check Hero Shout and world shout history.
  5. I agree with this. A clan that doesn’t want to pvp shouldn’t be attending siege or other pvp aspects of the game. If they PK, their clan should be opened for war immediately. If they flag on others, declaration of war should be allowed. This exploit has been abused for too long and overlooked.
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