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  1. True i am online 4 days while working etc no dc and when i m watching the monitor my toon hits fast
  2. Have you thought that if we get red libra and if we get the chance to change our main classes to something different that will ruin people hero place? Its simple use your brain changing main will ruin hero places and dont forget red Libra its not what used to be like... I remember we used to buy quests to kill mobs last year red Libra was useless stop asking for red libra its shit event... And stop asking to change main classs wont work since heroes are paying enough why they would lose their place because of someone stupid changing class ?...
  3. yey we gonna buy items after maintenance so save your money and do big purchases
  4. never liked siege when top gear show up and qq babies around the l2 world but being into PVE clan and having castle and scared to pvp is totally crap i have seen clans being pve and when a member start to pvp a bit they kick him out cuz clan is pve......... with castle SERIOUSLY give castle to somebody others who can pvp you dont win nothing from this
  5. there is no fame anymore you bit late to woke up ?
  6. let me open your eyes getting castle and recruit pve is totally USELESS most of them are light castles and chicken run for pvp only pve then dont take castle if its just for pve
  7. @Juji how about close naia server is unplayable a lot just now 5 dcs within 1 hour my internet is working perfect running speed tests about it i am from europe and stop delayin and fix this auction house and your laggy server you are worst than ru and other servers
  8. We know you wont you guys gonna fix it at maintenance like always when we have problem you always delay to fix it
  9. Seriously we were getting 4 angel cats 2-3 weeks we got 2 and now only 1? you are so poor guys you dont wanna give a free boost to your people actually dont ever summon angel cat in towns dont worth at all if its only for 1 hour @Hime @Juji
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