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  1. You like to play with words. Everybody knows that on Chronos the main war has been between 2 sides....
  2. It's not a matter of money..... the 14 players clan is not poor either. Maybe you didn't live directly the actions that I assisted to..... There should be a procedure in this game to assess these issues properly without the need of massreporting or forum fighting.
  3. No apparently you missed the point. We are not complaining about the exp lost. That is an ancillary consequence. We are complaining about some specific situations where the 14 players clan used, or better abused, to obtain un unfair advantage in the game.
  4. If you fight off field and die by a clan war you dont loose exp... very little exp loss What are you talking about.... You seem rusty on clan wars....tbh you are neutral ... never saw you in a war .. So maybe you are the one who should Gtfo?
  5. The system was meant to protect weaker clans from stronger bigger clans. Now it is used by 14 top players, mainly heroes, to avoid fair pvp and attack castles without having to fight before the siege zone and to attack undeclared enemy clans from behind when they start pvpping their own proper wars with other clans. In the process causing 100% exp loss. If you wanna say and repeat that it is fair play and "working as intended" you can, but it wont change the reality of the things.
  6. Idk if it is an exploit or not. This depends on how GMs wake up. For sure is not fair game the way this mechanism is used. Many times we start pvp with our wars and the guys come from behind to try to kill us. Or they wait at the boundary of a siege zone, and when we start pvpping with our wars, they get into siege zone and attack us.
  7. I didn't think 1 second it was an exploit. Certainly I'm not a pro at this game and it was a good faith mistake. I feel that you are full of bitterness, hate and probably jealousy for what we have achieved as clan... I'm just trying to give a rational to what happened and you insult me with personal attacks. My history in game talks for itself so relax and if you reply, keep cool. In the end is just a game. No need to be so agressive.
  8. Well it is a very upsetting situation. As I said most people who did the my teleport there were in good faith. We would not have risked a ban situation if we had knew. We are talking of more than half million of usd toons gear. The zone was not "unaccessible" in any way nor any specific warning was given with regard to this boundary area. We usually make teleports at the boundary of all castles. This time was no different in our mind. So you really think that we were so desperate to defend Aden castle to risk all our efforts and usd spent during years of hard work? The answer is
  9. How the hell could they know that the teleport point was intended to be unaccesdible? It has been used since ages and nobody ever complained. Then suddenly it becomes an exploit... If they had know it was an exploit i dont think 40 players top geared would have risked it... or you think they are crazy msybe True is that GM can do whatever they want and so if you have a lot of gear you are at risk to get screwed for something you didn't know it was a violation... Your 30,40,50k of investment can be destroyed in one second for a good faith mistake... if this is not scary to y
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