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  1. Hi all, First I want to send a thank you to the Korean dude who gave this idea or listened to player feedback about macros. We got old playing L2 and time is not something we have anymore. This feature brought me and a few friends back playing the game(for the fun part. Macros handle the boring one). We are happy that we are progressing in game. Now for the improvements: Add an option to the Auto Target/Macro to start the macro over again for every new target. Create some workaround for when the buff duration doubles on the caster (when Iss gets double time on melodies/sonatas on himself) that he casts it again when time is right, so rest of the group wont stay without buffs. Code a specific rule for Battle Rhapsody. When the buff still active and a second Iss casts it when there are 3 seconds remaining, the buff does not apply as expected with BR. Make it to cast only when the effect is over. That's it for now. I'll bring more as I keep using and improve my perception over the feature. Thanks again. Best feature in last decade? I really could never expect a good improvement like this from NC for L2. I got sincerely surprised. (y) PS.: Support still sucks / Remove 50% normal attack critical damage nerf for bows/xbows please.
  2. Haha.. we heard that before back in 2012. Btw, put order in the house. Outsourced support is crap. And unban Daikon chat on Chronos. Almost 2 months without being able to chat for a unknown bug: Not that I care too much as I dont even have the game installed.
  3. At some point they addded so much crap to be calculated during every hit(elements,fixed dmg,pve,pvp,imobility,debuff, and a shitload more) that they moved soulshot activation priority down, what is quite convenient for them. When server is on, i would say, lightly high load this ss lag starts.. it sucks. I've soloed a whole kartia boss withou ss once. Nothing I did would work to activate it.
  4. Awakening Buff Changes

    tutorial of the game? tell me again how's 85- is something like 85+ ! specially with worse(but convinient) buffs haha If dev's were tryign to do this they would have done it already. i got all my toons with all their skils working like a charm.. so they are pretty much real deal. if you're too lazy to reroll some characters, thats on you.
  5. Buffs overlap

    Oh dont get me wrong, for day to day instance/daily crap shitty iss buffs will do, for the rest I got sos, wc, bd(with combo song/dance), prophet for counter critical, cat buff and judicator. You're the ones with problem not me. Enjoy the nerf you're supporting haha
  6. Awakening Buff Changes

    old era? wtf are you saying? everything before awakenign still there, only thing removed is skill enchanting for -3rd skills. Ignoring your bs reasons to aproove this(as everything you do in this forums, always sticking with e-v-e-r-y crap NC does) from now on.
  7. Wynn Summoner buff bugged with new update

    Choosing what buffs you want/fits your needs is not manipulation, its choice. And this has been taken away from us. Do raids without getting dmg with high lvl pets is direct advantage. Choosing your set buffs is not.
  8. Awakening Buff Changes

    I ask again, are we obliged to use all the same buffs? Wheres the EULA/lore rule that you shal not, ever, combine awekened and not awakened buffs? And again, if so, just remove the whole buff concept and let everyone have same stats! So fun!!! ^^
  9. Security vulnerability in XIGNCODE3

    State sponsored like that 16yo boy that stole 90gb of date from Apple?
  10. Awakening Buff Changes

    Its not your fault the buffs sucks these days. Most lost their Prophecy in awakening. Most were not even Shillen Elder. The ones you see today are new toons that were remake with keeping in mind to keep PoW or subclasses changed to Shillen Elder before becoming dual class. You could do this too. It lasted 6 years. And should not end btw, game is now even worse. You lost the possibility of reroll. Fun eh?
  11. NCWest XP Requirements

    200b xp k99 hehheheh
  12. All chat goes to general chat

  13. Awakening Buff Changes

    Day 2 of xp reduction and you come say its easy. And if you're already going to 110 then yeah, with the amount of good gear you have its always easy. Classes differences are not my point in this topic. And I do pay a bleeping lot attention to the details, so much I was the only one who noticed the bow/xbow critical damage modifier nerf back on Lindvior update. I bet you didnt even know theres something as a critical damage modifier based on waepon type. All you see on your stats is not all that is. The same way weapon have a critical rate modifier showing on their status, theres a critical damage one. One I already asked to be added to weapons descriptiton in the past. Shield def rate and shield p.def are another ones that do not show. Now back to the topic, theres no reason for this change other to end the fun with the game possibilities. I dont even know at this point why to have 27 buff slots. Why not make one single buff that gives all effects then? Why rebuff sonatas every 5 minutes? Just go on with the idea of combining more and more buffs and make one to rule them all, and delete all others. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?!
  14. Awakening Buff Changes

    Buff wise, theres not much. And theres a long way to 101, 103 to start seeing different buffs.
  15. Awakening Buff Changes

    Stupid things? They did same with class on awakening, made it blend with only 8 classes. And what happened next? Re diversification. 36 classes back with, little yeah, different characteristics. Nowthey make it blend with buffs. Making buffs that give one effect set remove buffs that give totally different effect. Now everyone will walk around with same buff set. Only way to do more damage is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ your way through the store. Taking away the fun of the possibility of beeing able to do things differently.