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  1. # 23543388 opened since 5/11 still no outcome. And if I don't reply every two days, it gets closed automatically to never be answered.
  2. Its a fishing game. You don't need greater jewels for fishing!
  3. EZ solution. Save all participating clans from last kill. For next (3) spawn(s) anyone from those clans will block the CC to enter. Extra check on every toon to see their previous clans. If any is one of the last participating clan, the CC cant enter(so that they just don't leave clan or join alt clan) Only way to dodge this is by having another army of alts high enough to be able to kill. That is doable but who's willing to remove augments from weapons to share with alt? Or even making another top weapon?
  4. Hype is Level Up. And they only resell key cards for practically exact USD>BRL conversion. You can be lucky to buy key from their current batch that was bought when dollar was lower. And I can afford it. Its just not worth it. $500 for a random lv5(not even greater) jewel? With that amount you can buy almost 10 brand new AAA games, that's if you decent enough to buy them and not pirate them. 500 USD dollar converted in BRL to be used on Steam is big chunk of their library. Specially when they run their real promotions, not like the "promos" here lol
  5. Consider selling coins in other country's currency direct from your site. Like Steam does. 80% of your player base is BR, 15% BR's pretending to be americans, 3% americans, 2% rest of the world. Game is expensive in dollars. Now imagine in other currencies. Level Up sells coin keys for almost the same as buying in dollars, so almost no benefit. Or just wait to see sales shrink.
  6. Improved pets have unawekened versions of recharge, thats why they recharge almost nothing even if the pet is higher than you. Unawekened versions of recharge are not effective on awakened characters, even the old now nonexistent healer recharge skills. If you use it on one unawkened character it will work. you can try not awakening one 105 mentee and see for yourself.
  7. I see the same thing. And not only they dont spwan but when they would spawn, you get the message alert only, the Imp never spawns! Fix this!
  8. 1. disable pve penality 2. disable mana regen 3. spread exalted quest places i´ve already explained those measures. lets see how many more weeks you gonna keep customers angry without implementing this.
  9. Well pal, let me enlighten you. If you have a toon that can reach 100+ LUC, you already have it all. You're just enchanting to make spare gear or sell right after for some extra adena. And you really believe that crap of crafting shots in between enchants to proc Lady LUC? do you really think that's coded into the game? You really think crafting shots few times will make queue Lady LUC for you enchant? hahaha.. thats awesome to know hahahahahah
  10. I was thinking this was going to be the time i would try buying some scrolls. nope again. maybe next time if they don't force ridiculous rates. I've seen ppl saying 180+ scroll and no +7 cloak. NC is bold enough to sell them in packages of 5, can you believe?
  11. Disable PvE penality Remove mana regeneration areas Ask devs to make Pagan Temple or any other area like Blazing Swamp. (xp/quests/respawn/amount of mobs) That will resolve the issue. Thank me later. The real issue though is the game being restricted basicly to 105-110. Only the 1% are above that. Or even less. Players cant go anywhere else because PVE penality makes it impossible.
  12. @TEVAS can you list all your LUC items/passives/buffs for us please?
  13. Yes it works, I just awakened a 93 doombringer and got the vitality rune. If well equiped unawakened toons can level up just fine. Better if you can level the new toon unawakened in a grp and then only awaken at 105 or more if you will. Dont listen to mixa. All he says is useless. he's a forum troll.
  14. the xp/vp boost does not seem to be active.
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