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  1. Improved Baby Kookaburra

    Improved pets have unawekened versions of recharge, thats why they recharge almost nothing even if the pet is higher than you. Unawekened versions of recharge are not effective on awakened characters, even the old now nonexistent healer recharge skills. If you use it on one unawkened character it will work. you can try not awakening one 105 mentee and see for yourself.
  2. That's for mobs only.
  3. I see the same thing. And not only they dont spwan but when they would spawn, you get the message alert only, the Imp never spawns! Fix this!
  4. 1. disable pve penality 2. disable mana regen 3. spread exalted quest places i´ve already explained those measures. lets see how many more weeks you gonna keep customers angry without implementing this.
  5. Cloack enchant

    Well pal, let me enlighten you. If you have a toon that can reach 100+ LUC, you already have it all. You're just enchanting to make spare gear or sell right after for some extra adena. And you really believe that crap of crafting shots in between enchants to proc Lady LUC? do you really think that's coded into the game? You really think crafting shots few times will make queue Lady LUC for you enchant? hahaha.. thats awesome to know hahahahahah
  6. Cloack enchant

    I was thinking this was going to be the time i would try buying some scrolls. nope again. maybe next time if they don't force ridiculous rates. I've seen ppl saying 180+ scroll and no +7 cloak. NC is bold enough to sell them in packages of 5, can you believe?
  7. Disable PvE penality Remove mana regeneration areas Ask devs to make Pagan Temple or any other area like Blazing Swamp. (xp/quests/respawn/amount of mobs) That will resolve the issue. Thank me later. The real issue though is the game being restricted basicly to 105-110. Only the 1% are above that. Or even less. Players cant go anywhere else because PVE penality makes it impossible.
  8. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    @TEVAS can you list all your LUC items/passives/buffs for us please?
  9. vit rune question

    Yes it works, I just awakened a 93 doombringer and got the vitality rune. If well equiped unawakened toons can level up just fine. Better if you can level the new toon unawakened in a grp and then only awaken at 105 or more if you will. Dont listen to mixa. All he says is useless. he's a forum troll.
  10. the xp/vp boost does not seem to be active.
  11. Adena drop has been 70% chance since 2004. Stop questioning this or go back to the illegal servers you came from.
  12. 100% only? What's up with daily coins removal? Removing clan quests? Whats going to replace it? I need to know cause I need to know what reward ill take from them. Dunno if the rewards are going to be available in another way or gone forever.
  13. The damage penality based on level difference between the player and monster needs to be calculated every single hit of every player on every mob. This was introduced long before GoD around when Hellbound was the hype. Back then summoners were the least played class and nobody had constant 1500/1999 atk and casting speed. Today, farming bots are all summoners and many legit players also have their summoner alts which make it worse because for every hit of the summons the calculation takes in consideration the master level. This setting was created for nothing more than slowing players from leveling and does not add anything valuable to the game nor players, only extra stress to the server. @Juji try disabling it if possible to see if performance gets better.

    Yet still around, reading and answering forums. In your forever wait that the game will change to good again. Pathetic. More than a hundred examples in real life of paying costumers that have priority in getting in something. Starting with wide spread priority boarding for business and first class air tickets buyers. And that's where airline company's get most of their revenue from: top tier classes. @Anything Thank you, that show us that prestige pack needs an update And great ways is to start by bypassing the queue. Again, outstanding idea of paying costumers not needing to wait on a queue. @Juji check this out, how appealing premium pack would be with this feature!
  15. please, leave and never come back. thank you
  16. ***From +4 the enchant bonus more than double, so bows get 27 p.atk per enchant while crossbows get a bit over 15. Imagine the difference over many enchantments. R110 for comparison(don't forget regular R110 enchant like blessed/dark/bloddy):
  17. No advantage, only disadvantage. Lower p.atk and faster atk speed. But, any archer with bow can reach 1500 atk speed cap permanently easily. The 15% extra P.atk Yul Tricksters have doesn't even make it worth it because of how bows enchant compared to how crossbows enchant. If you curious enought to read an weapon enchant scroll description, you'll see bows enchant more per + than crossbows. ( P. Atk. +6 for one-handed swords/ blunts/ staffs, daggers, spears P. Atk. +7 for two-handed swords/ blunts/ staffs, dual daggers, dual swords, fists P. Atk. +12 for bows M. Atk. +5 for all weapons Starting from +4, P./ M. Atk. bonus is greatly increased (more so in case of blessed weapons). It does not states crossbows specifically but it gets increased by 7 as two-handed swords/ blunts/ staffs.(take a look at the screen shot of a +3 crossbow that increases 21 p.atk from base p.atk) SO, when you have it overenchant for like +12 which is basic for today, the difference in p.atk of the bow will be so much greater that even for Yul Tricksters the cross bow will give them less p.atk. From +4 the enchant bonus more than double, so bows get over 24 p.atk and while crossbows get only over 14. Imagine that over many ++++ Take a look at this screen. +7 bow gets 144 p.atk increase while crossbow gets only 84. Dont get wrong assumptions because one is R and other R95. What dictates how much extra atk they get is the scroll, not the grade. And you get even more p.atk and difference from Bow to Crossbow for blessed/dark/bloody/any r110(cause even regular r110 enchant like a blessed weapon)
  18. This behavior comes from way back even before awakening. I remember at Plains of Lizardmen I used to aoe mobs and get 1 quest item per mob that died on the aoe. After some update, High-Five part 1, 2, 3 one of those, they changed to 1 item per group of mobs killed at the same time. This is configurable per quest and is to slow down your quest progress. Dont you love them?
  19. Archer OP since forever? Where have you been? 30% dmg nerf based on range? Song of Windstorm? GoD launch Feohs? Archers became to be relevant again after Lindvior. Archer since 2006 here so I know when it was good or bad. Bonuses kept for a reason? Well prepare to cry soon when angel rings become readily available. God jewels are a anomaly created to squeeze $$ from L2 NA players just like the aden/elmore/etc cloaks. Hence they are not present in Korea.
  20. An example is the Ruler's Ring of Authority, the most expensive ring does not give physical skill damage, but the cheap Creation ring does for M.Skills
  21. +1 Also, weapons should have the critical damage modifier just like they have the critical rate modifier on their description. That way bow and dual daggers users would see their critical damage is multiplied by 0.5 instead of 1.0 as the other weapons. Other thing is every single jewelry that boosts critical damage should increase all 3 fronts: regular attacks, magical attacks and physical skill. Most rings only boost magical and regular physical. Olny the very rare and expensive ones increase the physical skill critical damage. This is so much advantage to nukers/healers and melee dd`s.
  22. Atlas Earring?

    We want the new mantee coin rewards thet EVERY OTHER region got.
  23. You were faaaaaaaar too polite. New craft system is complete trash. Following the trend that locked players from leveling up out of the curve that brought us damage penality due to level difference from mob, mobs that cant be pulled 2meters out of their spawn zone and mobs that give exactaly same xp(tanor/aligator, sv/ivory crater, ridge/ev) in different hunting zones, now they want us to starve from crafting. From Bouding gear/items to limit trades, now we have bounding basic crafiting materials... dear lord. FIX THIS SHIT
  24. Ninja Adena Nerf

    Its true.. another ninja nerf. went from 90k to 2k(with prestige), terrible xp and 0 drops. Why even have mobs there? @Juji
  25. Please post a "+" if you would like to be able to acquire the brooch jewels by in-game methods like other regions. Simple as that, just + here. Maybe add some comment about it. It has been many years since they were introduced and they only get more expensive, keeping game unbalance growing. (the forum does not provides a pool topic, so everyone needs to post a reply)