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  1. That is due to the server lagging. It has happened since the dawn of auto SS.
  2. Casting Speed: Robe vs Light

    Take a look at the passive skill named "Spellcraft". This will give you an understanding of why you cast faster in robes.
  3. You are killing the server

    @Ingwaz, listen to @xHaseo. Everything he has said is spot on. I quit playing L2 a month or two ago and refuse to come back. I still peruse the forums for some unknown reason, maybe in hopes that things will be fixed, maybe because I'm an idiot. But DO NOT continue spending money on this game hoping that "eventually" it will become true classic. It never has been and never will be. When these servers first opened me and 5 other friends were excited to come back. We all purchased the $30 "founders pack" or w/e it was called that gave VIP 3 and some bonus items. One of those 5 friends decided to open another account to dual box and he purchased VIP 4 on it. He was immediately banned after purchasing and spending the NCoin to make that account VIP 4. It took NCsoft SEVERAL WEEKS to reverse the ban. He was never compensated for the loss of time on his VIP counter. They all quit around level 30 but I stayed for some reason. I thought the botting was bad at server release, boy was I wrong. Over time every single zone was infested with summoner bots. Initially you were told, "oh if you get past level 40 or 50 there's practically no bots!" That was a lie. Still, I continued on with my two VIP 4 accounts and my first "founders" account that was VIP 1 by this point. Then NCsoft kept pushing out one P2W event after the other... Bots, boss jewels, and +16 weapons are everywhere. Good luck contesting anything against players who opened their wallet to this game. You and every other player hoping for change need to realize that classic servers are a watered down version of live hiding behind a mask. NCsoft found another avenue to profit from and they ran with it. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that initially I do believe this server was made for the players, but it took a quick turn from that once they realized the same players that would spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on live were also playing classic.
  4. Impossible to play

    Sorry to tell you, my friend, but they will not do anything about this. What I've done is quit playing, regardless of how much I wanted a retail classic server to prevail. You have no idea how excited I was to hear that NCsoft was going to release an NA server with low rates. I can't stand the high ping I get from connecting to illegal servers, and I was so excited to have a legal server located near me. 2 VIP 4 accounts, both of which I made further minor purchases on throughout the months. Oh well, you live and you learn. Good luck!
  5. P2W Event

    Right, and now there is no subscription fee, and Lineage 2 is F2P. So it's not an "odd demand" to discuss F2P tactics within L2. Regardless of what you want to restrict your conversation to, the topic has been about F2P tactics since the beginning. POE is an isometric hack and slash RPG that just happens to be online. Warframe is a 3rd person hero shooter looter HOTS and DOTA are MOBAS... GW2 was buy to play and "recently" went F2P. Only the base game is free, WHICH IS THERE TO ENTICE YOU TO PURCHASE THE OTHER EXPANSIONS. GW2 has several P2W items in their cash shop. You can even straight up buy gold with real money to deck out your character in whatever gear you want. EVE online is subscription based. It has a VERY basic F2P system that does not allow you to get very far. EVE is probably the most pay to win that you can even get. You can buy skill point injectors to immediately learn skills and boost yourself WAY ahead of F2P or even subscribed players. I've played EVE off and on since its release, you can't possibly tell me that game doesn't cater to people who purchase PLEX and sell it for in game money. None of your points hold any value. Lineage 2, just like all other F2P games, are built to entice you to spend cash. That is the only way they will keep the servers alive.
  6. P2W Event

    I played since C2, so I understand how NCsoft works. I also played Lineage 1 extensively. I know you like to mention that you've played this game for ages, you mention it in almost every post you make. But we're talking about F2P L2, not when it was a subscription based game. EVERY F2P MMORPG IS PAY TO WIN IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. Also, thank you for proving my point. None of those games listed are MMORPGs.
  7. P2W Event

    Oh wise one, show me a popular F2P MMORPG that doesn't have overbearing benefits for their paying players! Yes, you were naive and ignorant enough to think any event L2 has had since the dawn of L2 events hasn't been P2W...
  8. P2W Event

    Every single event will have a paywall behind the good items. What I don't understand is why people are even putting effort toward these posts! Understand that every single event going forward will have a huge incentive to pay with real money. This is a F2P game, that is how they work.

    Nah, I just don't like to be wasteful =)

    Bye! Have fun with your carebear game! Mail me your stuff!
  11. Item grade penalty removal - I love this, now I can play around on alt characters and feel like I'm not losing out on countless hours of time that could have been spent on my main. I like making alts and playing new classes for fun, and this makes it so much more bearable. I turn 30 this year, I don't have as much free time as I did when I was a teenager playing Lineage 2 but I still love the classic feel. Global gatekeeper- Thank the heavens. The old gatekeeper system was cumbersome and expensive. This makes it so much easier to visualize where areas are and just go directly to it. No longer do I have to open the map and think "Is it an area of this town or another one..?" after speaking to the gatekeeper and not finding my port. Again, I'm almost 30. There's no way I'm going to remember every minute detail of this game. I love Lineage 2, but it's not my life. Removal of class change quests- I loved the challenge of completing these back in the day, and these quests sometimes taking multiple days to complete. But with free ports until level 41, gear being easier to obtain, and being able to play 3 accounts at once trivialized these quests. Sure they were fun to read through and sometimes gave you a feeling for what your second class would be like. But just like item grade penalty removal, I can now play around on different classes and not waste countless hours doing class change quests and feel like I've wasted what little time I have. Auto-Hunt system- Compared to a bot, it sucks. Compared to playing live, it REALLY sucks. Slower skill usage, slower targeting, slower everything. Most of the time it wont even pick up items if you're a ranged character, let alone the fact that it wont auto rest for you when mana is low. You'll just keep on truckin' until you die. New missions- Same stuff basically, just more rewards. Big deal... None of the major changes added in this update "ruined Lineage 2". This was never a "real" classic experience. There's VIP, store items, missions, updated skills and spells, updated skill and spell reuse time, soulshots, spiritshots, blessed spiritshots, auto shot use, the list goes on... This was already a far cry from a true classic experience, and anyone complaining about these new things are likely still playing the game and enjoying it. I've seen it with every update that NCSoft does. Forums explode with overly dramatic response, then after a week or two... silence. Lets all just sit back, enjoy our game, and grind. Just fix the adena and drop rate please! Thanks!
  12. Nobody is forcing you to use the new auto hunt feature. In fact, it's actually much faster to farm without using it. Yet you're using it anyway and come to the forums to complain. Don't like it? Don't use it. It's that simple. What's wrong with removing armor grade penalty? Are the low levels THAT much fun to you? After leveling countless characters through 1-40 I can say having a little help along the way is pretty nice, but that's just me.
  13. I've seen you mention this so many times in different threads. I also played other grindy korean games before I started Lineage 2, so it wasn't my first rodeo. I had friends who played since day 1 who knew way more about the game than I did that helped me out. Your ONLY advantage was that you had 4 accounts, and that's why you had an advantage over other players. There were maybe only a handful of people willing to pay $15 a month for 4 accounts. Farming with buffs vs farming without buffs made a HUGE difference back then. The only time that I was farming and came out greatly on top of what I left town with was when my 60+ WC friend came and buffed me. Don't try to sell me the idea that because you played beta and other korean games that you were better off... It's irrelevant.
  14. On the topic of adena rates, I think we have it much better than we did before (Mainly due to the events though). I started back in C2, and I still actually have the C3 and C4 souvenirs on the live servers to show for that. I remember having to farm in the perfect spots just to break even to afford soulshots to continue farming. I would find maybe 5 items from 1-40? I couldn't ever dream of affording D grade so I had to borrow a manticore set and a mithril dagger from a friend who bought adena. I had to do the same thing for C, B, but at level 64 I was finally able to buy A grade. This is because I couldn't afford to buy any of the previous grade items. Actually using the gatekeeper was rare, now everyone uses it as much as humanly possible. Porting was expensive as hell so you'd have to run more than halfway to the next city and then SOE. Now every single one of my toons are decked out in top D and C. I couldn't even imagine having accounts with this much gear back then... I think this community is too used to illegal servers and no real adena or item issues from live servers. I agree that the adena rate needs to be boosted SOMEWHAT, because as it is I can't even break even on shots. Porting should always be a luxury.

  16. Getting extremely discouraged

    Well they just removed the bot report button in the update tomorrow. I guess I got what I wanted..?
  17. Farming spellbooks is already difficult, only made more difficult by the sheer amount of bots farming in Ivory Tower and Sea of Spores. I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I went to a farming area and saw a live player. I can maybe get an hour of farming in at Ivory Tower around 2AM MST before it gets completely flooded by bots. Some of the bots are "okay" because as soon as you tag the mob the bot will turn away. The biggest issue, however, are the aggressive bots that will actively attempt to steal the kill from you by either one shotting it because they're, of course, a summoner bot, or they just overwhelm your mob with a train of bots. It is absolutely abhorrent that NCSoft does next to nothing to fix this issue. NCSoft may as well remove the placebo button -- oops -- I mean the report bot button, because it does nothing. I have reported the same bots for days on end and they are still out there farming 24/7. Talking Island server needs to be purged. I recently watched a video on YouTube from someone farming Ivory Tower on the Gludio server and it blew my mind how there wasn't a single bot in sight. I love Lineage 2. I always have and I always will. But playing on the retail servers is getting less and less appealing by the minute.
  18. Items grade after update !!!

    Right because everyone can afford to craft or buy S grade at lvl 1....
  19. Classic Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    Am I reading this wrong, or did I just see that songs and dances require level 84..?
  20. Oriana Coins not dropping at all

    Thank you for the clarification!
  21. Oriana Coins not dropping at all

    @Juji says the drop rate depends on current server load. What I noticed recently is that my character's do not find Oriana's coins until I'm farming mobs that are very close to level 20 or above.
  22. Getting extremely discouraged

    I like to call it the placebo button because like you said, you need a lot of people to report the bots for it to do anything. With how many people are botting, there's not enough real people to report the same account. This is even more difficult if they are running a bot train... How do you know that the 3-4 real people that pass by them are all reporting the same character? Very unlikely. You're right, I could take screenshots, videos, do all of that and send it to support, but I shouldn't have to in the first place. I don't mind farming for spellbooks for days on end, but having to compete with an army of bots that KS you and take all of the spawns is just ridiculous.
  23. More bots

    There are copious amounts of bots residing deep within forgotten temple. All groups are dwarves followed by an melee orc, and a dark elf caster...
  24. A true box server

    There's been a lot of discussion lately on the forums about only being able to run one single client per computer, and an equal amount of backlash from the community in regards to this. I don't think a true box server is inherently a bad idea. Look at EverQuest 1. For the past few years they have been putting out "True Box" servers which require a $15 subscription, and you may only run one client per computer. Now, this doesn't stop everyone from multi-boxing but it does a great deal against it. The most important thing that True Box servers do for the community is allow a wide variance of classes to be played as a main character. In fact, all of my main characters on these servers are support characters. I love playing support classes. When you don't have the majority of the population multi-boxing their own support characters then the importance and need for people who enjoy playing these classes will shine. Unfortunately, this isn't the case as of now and I have to multi-box a DPS character alongside my SE to make any progress. Now, EverQuest 1 is an incredibly niche game and mostly only popular with English speaking players (in the US). EverQuest 1 also has an in game cash shop that offers timed EXP boost items, appearance items, mana regen items, etc.These True Box servers are poppin' at peak times, and they require a queue during major updates for expansion releases. That being said, I don't believe it would be the same situation with Lineage 2. Lineage 2 is not nearly as popular with English speaking clients as EverQuest ever was, and in the same vein Lineage 2 already has an EU based subscription server. If they were to release an NA based subscription only "True Box" server there's a chance that we would lose out on a great deal of the population. Why would they play on a subscription based NA server when they could be doing the same thing on their EU server but with better ping? This is a decision that only the devs at NCSoft can evaluate because us players don't truly know how many connections there are from the US. However, I don't think its crazy to toss the idea around seeing how it has been a massive success with other games in the US. What if after a few months it fails? What if it survives a year and then becomes a ghost town? Merge the server into one of the F2P servers. Give it a thought!