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  1. FS implemented those rules years ago which is why they are currently the strongest and best clan on Chronos. Andouille is not only a great hero, but takes the time to help clannies on an individual level. FS is without question the strongest, classiest, most professional clan on Chronos and everyone on the server agrees. We should thank Andouille and FS for setting a perfect example of how to play L2.
  2. NCsoft West will continue to raise prices if they continue to be profitable. What I need for you all to do is: Go to youtube.com and search Supply and Demand - Watch a few videos on this concept. The inflation keeps getting worse because people keep spending more and more to get items. The best way to drop the prices of everything is to not buy anything. NCsoft is making a ton of money. If we stop buying at absurd prices (Not buying into events or items) then they will be forced to lower the prices and produce more affordable events.
  3. I am having this issue as well. @Juji This is affecting many players. I submitted a ticket about 3 hours ago. @Hime@Juji The timing of the disconnect is always exactly the same. Its approx 5 seconds from the moment you log in.
  4. Nothing gets past you Yep, I meant like we havent had a brooch event or an artifact event since I got started and the server would greatly benefit if we had an event that allowed players to gear up in these two areas.
  5. I started playing last June and we have yet to have an Artifact or Brooch event that gives the players an opportunity to upgrade artifacts or brooches @JujiI've been shouting for 4 months to buy greater brooch and there aren't any players selling. Artifact crystals that were once 150 mil are now selling for 600 mil+ making it near impossible to upgrade artifacts unless you're willing to drop 50 to 100 bil to make a +10 artifact. Please have an event that allows players to either upgrade there brooch or get artifact crystals to upgrade there artifacts. This is something that everyone needs and
  6. What was the point of this post?? This update blows and everyone agrees. This update kills the average player which will cause more people to quit. This game needs players. What we need is the top 1% of players to wake up and recognize that if we don't help the majority of the server than the game is dead. This update was bad for everyone. The only people who disagree are the people too stupid to see the writing on the wall. FACTS.
  7. This update is extremely disappointing. Making it tougher for lower level players to XP is a death sentence to an old game like L2. Lower lvl players need a path to become elite players if you want the server to grow and keep the game alive. As an investment banker in life, I ask you a question. What do you think happens to the value of a computer game company when all of its players quit and play something else? This update jeopardizes everyone and I'll briefly explain how: Think about the top 1% of players (The Hero's, the 112+ characters, exc..) - Those players want to start clans, the
  8. Whats going on guys! I greatly appreciate your responses in my previous post about gear. Now I've got some question diving into the details about how to make your character strong. Brooch's: How do Brooch's work? Whats a good Brooch? Can someone explain how Gem's work? Bracelet: Whats a good bracelet? How do Talisman work? How many can I equip and what types? What are the best for Grand Khavatari's? Belt: Are good belts worth the money? Pros and Cons? Masks: Do they replace the circlet or helmet or is it its own spot? What are good masks? Remember the goal of th
  9. This is a great start! Thank you for the advice. I'd like this thread to be more about knowledge and understanding then about budget so that other people with warrior characters can refer to here and learn more about how to outfit there character. Could you list out what Rings (Example: Tauti) Earrings, and Necklaces work best with warrior class as well as Belt, Circlet, and Hair accessories. Stats: Focus on STR - Ok, that sounds great. and P. Atk Critical is important. I hope that everyone feels comfortable contributing to this thread. Lets talk about Dealing Damage and what g
  10. Hello everybody! I played lineage 2 back in 2004 when it first came out and it was a blast! I recently got back into the game and WOW! A LOT HAS CHANGED!! I've read the forums and there really isnt a great thread that goes into detail about Epics and Gear set-up. Could someone explain to me what the best epics and gear are for warrior classes. I'm specifically interested in Grand Khavatari as that's what I've begun playing again. What I'd like to know is: What are the best epics for a Grand Khavatari? What are the best accessories (Belt, circlet, exc.)? What is the best gear? What s
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