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  1. Brooch's, Bracelets, Belts, Masks in 2020

    Whats going on guys! I greatly appreciate your responses in my previous post about gear. Now I've got some question diving into the details about how to make your character strong. Brooch's: How do Brooch's work? Whats a good Brooch? Can someone explain how Gem's work? Bracelet: Whats a good bracelet? How do Talisman work? How many can I equip and what types? What are the best for Grand Khavatari's? Belt: Are good belts worth the money? Pros and Cons? Masks: Do they replace the circlet or helmet or is it its own spot? What are good masks? Remember the goal of these threads is to shed light on the best accessories and methodology behind the choice that will help make your DD the strongest it can be. Please list out exact item names and why so we can all learn. Again, thank you guys for helping and happy hunting
  2. Epics and Gear Set-Up in 2020

    This is a great start! Thank you for the advice. I'd like this thread to be more about knowledge and understanding then about budget so that other people with warrior characters can refer to here and learn more about how to outfit there character. Could you list out what Rings (Example: Tauti) Earrings, and Necklaces work best with warrior class as well as Belt, Circlet, and Hair accessories. Stats: Focus on STR - Ok, that sounds great. and P. Atk Critical is important. I hope that everyone feels comfortable contributing to this thread. Lets talk about Dealing Damage and what gear/jewelry/weapons we could use to deal the most damage!
  3. Epics and Gear Set-Up in 2020

    Hello everybody! I played lineage 2 back in 2004 when it first came out and it was a blast! I recently got back into the game and WOW! A LOT HAS CHANGED!! I've read the forums and there really isnt a great thread that goes into detail about Epics and Gear set-up. Could someone explain to me what the best epics and gear are for warrior classes. I'm specifically interested in Grand Khavatari as that's what I've begun playing again. What I'd like to know is: What are the best epics for a Grand Khavatari? What are the best accessories (Belt, circlet, exc.)? What is the best gear? What should I be the most focused on? STR? DEX? Critical attack? Help me understand what my goals should be to be the strongest DD possible. What the best set-up would be for a Grand Khavatari. Im lvl 105 - Any Advice would help.